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Review by : Harish V
Starring: : Shreyas Talpade, Sada, Sneha Ullal, Rehan Khan, Chunky Pandey.
Direction: Sangeeth Sivan
Music: Shamir Tandon
Production: Sangeeth Sivan Productions , Rupali Entertainment, Pritish Nandy Communications, RNA Play Entertainment
Thanks to the producers of ‘Click’ who wasted little money on its marketing, the experience of movie viewing was really scary, being in an empty theatre-that is. After we started describing Ram Gopal Verma as the Hitchcock of Bollywood (Obviously, before his ‘Aag’ Fiasco), Mani Ratnam as the Scorsese of Indian film Industry, we are proud to refer the name of Mr.Sangeeth Sivan as the Dr.Uwe Boll of India. As after many attempts he has finally hit the bull’s eye - the perfect bad movie.

‘Click’ is a remake of the Thai megahit ‘Shutter’, which had seen a Tamil and English version before. So to be exact Sangeeth Sivan got three movies to refer too, but Sivan had decided to change a few intricacies to suit the desi mindset and withhold the scary parts. The thought of putting something original onto the production of a remake is praise-worthy, but Sangeeth messes it up big time. The little bit of logical reasoning behind the original movie was taken out of this
movie completely. The biggest plus point of the original was the eeriness that the movie possessed whenever it wasn't trying to scare. And here the eeriness is completely a miss and the scare was too lame to be termed that.

The story is about the hidden past of a photographer trying to crawl back into his life with vengeance. Forgot to add - and the baddies get hurt, in their throat, and the hero on his shoulder.

There is nothing to talk more about the movie as it is just complete nonsensical. And for the first time ever there was nothing worth mentioning too. Sangeeth Sivan, after messing the remake of the Telugu hit Athadu, messes another remake big-time. Please someone inform Sandeep Chowta that there is no need to be so loud to be scary, Silence is the best way to create the atmosphere or maybe just the sound of the mild wind. Cinematography of T.Ramji was surprisingly below standards. The print looked too grainy (I even checked with the theatre officials, if it was a pirated version!). Shamir Tandon’s music was ok, but the songs were forced into the narrative and the flow (If, the movie did have one, that is) was disrupted by it constantly. Editing was tacky and so were its special effects. Even name sharing story/ screenplay writer was unable to get my sympathies.

Shreyas Talpade did not look cool enough to pull off this character, he looks confused for the first time and his wig is a complete put off. Sada’s work is decent but she suffers from a bad character sketch. Sada wearing revealing cloths did not help either. Sneha Ullal has just two lines of dialogue and then its all white dress, whiter skin and whitest lens. Chunky Pandey is horrible, a performance which makes me frown endlessly.

The unique honor of my favorite horror movie and the least favorite horror movie goes for the same story. If only Sangeeth Sivan and Harish Nair were able to make a remake, this Friday would have surely ended on a happier note.

Star: 0 (Are you kidding me!)

Verdict: Till now Zero never looked so valuable
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