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Thenavattu –review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Jeeva, Poonam Bajwa

Direction: V V Kathir

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: Antony

The same old story of revenge, love, family sentiment returns in the name of Thenavattu produced by Sun Pictures. For Jeeva who generally chooses varied and challenging characters, this film will be just one more addition to his kitty and nothing more. Poonam Bajwa the heroine who has nothing to offer.
Jeeva comes to Chennai from Madurai in search of employment. He mistakes his boss Ravi Kale to be a good timber depot industrialist and makes for him sickle, saw and other tools for cutting. However Ravi Kale is a local dada whose job is to kill people.

Jeeva meets Poonam Bajwa in a temple and as can be predicted by a toddler, they fall in love. Meanwhile Ravi Kale's son Sabi who happens to a womanizer eyes Poonam Bajwa who somehow escapes his clutches. Rajan P Dev who is a minister with the ruling party abets the carnages of Kale et al and the desperadoes always go scot-free. There is also an assistant commissioner Sai Kumar whose sister was wronged and killed by the villain clan and he is raging in anger to settle scores with them. The rest of the film deals with how the enemy camp gets decimated by the hero gang and about the revenge saga.

Debutant director V V Kathir who is in charge of story, screen play and direction should have taken extra care especially when this happens to be his first film. When many new directors with innovative ideas enter the fray everyday, Kathir's work does not speak much.
Music by Srikanth Deva does not impress. Cinematography is just ordinary. Stunt scenes by Sumo Arasu do not try anything new.

Thenavattu is for people who just adore illogical masala flicks.

Verdict - Old wine in an older bottle

Vaaranam Aayiram
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