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Seval Seval

Seval – A mute crow

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Movie review

Starring: Bharath, Poonam Bajwa, Simran, Vadivelu

Direction: Hari

Music: G.V.Prakash

Production: Jinnah Creations

Hari returns for Deepavali after the success he had in 2007 with Vel. He has quite a task on hand to replicate his previous triumph and maintain the spotless track record. Normally, movies are referred to or identified by naming the star in them. Hari is one of the few directors who are a brand in themselves. His trademark rural action-sentiment cocktails have always been liked by the audience and being a festival release, Seval is expected to be along the same lines. Does Hari deliver?
Seval follows the life of a wayward village philandering youth. He roams around carelessly all day, gets drunk, involves in scuffles, cares naught about what happens at home – a typical spoilt young man (Bharath). No father (Rajesh) will be particularly proud about such a son and one can understand it when he just stops short of banishing him from the household after a very irresponsible act, which he considers as the last straw. Meanwhile, Poonam Bajwa and Bharath are involved in a very (stereo) typical boy meets girl kind of romance. It is a bit fleeting at first but gets stronger after Bharath rescues her from the clutches of the prying villain played by Sampath.

But this love story is nipped off in the bud when Poonam Bajwa is forced by fate, circumstances and a sister (Simran) to marry another person. Both Bharath and Poonam, realizing that what is happening is best for everyone, choose to bury their love. But the villain resurfaces and wreaks havoc in Poonam’s family and then it is revenge by Bharath that takes the story to its climax.
What strikes you most about this movie is that it is so unlike Hari. Neither action nor sentiments have prominence here and even when they occur you are not gripped by them, as in his previous films. The story has its moments and is not entirely predictable, especially when the heroine agrees to marry another person without a protest. But, all events meander along without ever getting us interested in the proceedings. It is as if Hari forgot to add the spices after getting his basics right. The movie is bland. The script does have some interesting inclusions, like the Simran track where she misunderstands Bharath’s overtures and imagines that he is trying to woo her and the mini-duet that follows. But this sequence too has not been pulled off convincingly. Action- well, that can never be bad in a Hari film, we think. But, here the rough and raw fights are not there, whatever is present makes for just passive viewing. The saving grace (for the umpteenth time in Kollywood) has to be Vadivelu’s comedy track. With absolutely nothing to do with the main plot, the scenes of the comedian regularly punctuate the narrative like snippets straight out of a TV comedy show. Some of them are really enjoyable while others are a test of our patience.

Performances - Well, in a movie that can be described as bland, the subject of performances is better left alone. Poonam Bajwa does not really fit the role, while Bharath goes through the motions. Others walk in and out of scenes, doing just what is required and one wonders why Simran chose this role as one of her comeback bids, it is not really worth her caliber.

Looking at Seval, one does not know whether Hari has tried to be different or is it the execution that went wrong. Clearly, this was made by a really ‘out of form’ Hari who generally delivers great results. At the box office, the lack of the regular Hari elements and the plain feel will make its life difficult.

Verdict - Bland fare

Netru Indru Naalai
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