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Kathikappal Kathikappal

Kathikappal – Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Anup, Kalyani

Direction: Dinesh Selvaraj

Music: Sree Sai / R Sahitya

Production: V Bhaktha

Kathikappal is the directorial debut of Mani Ratnam's former assistant director Dinesh Selvaraj who also happens to be the son of dialogue writer R Selvaraj. Although the title card screams about the fictitious nature of the film, the events in the film are anything but fictitious and are clearly a reminder to the life of the sandalwood brigand Veerappan's life.
Veerayyan in connivance with the local police kidnap a minister and demand ransom. The money thus obtained is being hidden by Veerayyan. Police kill the minister and Veerayyan and blame the latter for the minister's death. Now, Veerayyan escapes from the clutches of the police battling for his life. And while he is on his deathbed, reveals the secret about the place where the booty is hidden and all the associated events to a doctor and breaths his last.

Police force who is on the trail of this doctor kills him also. The only alive person who is aware of the truth is the doctor's wife and she goes in hiding after realizing the danger lurking in the corner. Whether the police force is successful in getting hold of the money or whether the wife takes revenge on the police for her husband's death forms the rest of the plot.

Expecting something significant from Mani Ratnam's assistant is natural but unfortunately, the opening sequence itself is a dampener when a newsreader in television in a close-up shot reveals the plot. Entire cast performs very unnaturally and it is an uphill task for the audience to get involved in the film. Some of the scenes which are expected to be spooky turn out to be contrived and fall flat. Besides, it is also very difficult to tolerate the buffoonery in the climax sequence
The character of Meera Vasudevan and Prem who dons the role of a doctor are passable. A word of advice for heroine Kalyani - please learn to stop overacting. Logic is a complete casualty in Kathikappal.

Verdict – Blunt weapon!

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