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Starring: Ramana, Suman, Feroz Khan, Ashima, Sharmila, Ganja Karuppu.
Direction: Vijay R Anand
Music: Dheena
Production: G M Balaji

In today’s world of fake encounters and underhand alliance of cops with the underworld, a movie like Thambi Arjuna makes a lot of sense. For Thambi Arjuna has a socially relevant theme of how cops feed on the criminals for selfish reasons. It also raises a few questions on the integrity on encounters.
  Thambi Arjuna

Although the script would have sounded promising on paper, it doesn’t come across on screen as convincingly. And it becomes difficult to attribute the flaw to one single aspect, as the execution itself lacks conviction. As a result, the movie ends up looking like a half-baked attempt wandering somewhere between the categories of a serious movie and a commercial entertainer.

Feroz Khan is an underworld don who thrives on illegal businesses, who has an unlikely partner in the City Commissioner Suman. Suman, although is not a bad cop as such, gets a few things done through the don and their friendship is thus cemented in a give-and-take relationship. And when Feroz’s brother Ramana and Suman’s daughter, played by Ashima, fall in love with each other all hell breaks loose.

Feroz is humiliated by Suman when he raises the topic of Ramana - Ashima’s wedding, asking for Ashima’s hand. While Ramana duly returns the humiliation to Suman, a rift appears in the relationship making Feroz realise the gap that exists between their unlikely camaraderie. After this, Feroz gives up all his illegal businesses and begins a fresh life.

In the meantime, Ramana helps Suman rescue Ashima from an extortionist and in the ensuing battle Suman gets a chance to get it even with Feroz for having disgraced him. Encounter provides him the opportunity and what transpires in the end forms the crux of the movie.

The movie has a decent script but if only it hadn’t trailed away to other banalities, it would have sustained the grip and been a better one. Feroz’s histrionics work in some places and he shows he can act while the others range from just passable to above average. Dheena’s music falls short of being hummable but the background score complements the movie’s flow.

On the whole, Vijay R Anand’s script has had the potential for a socially relevant movie that raises a few questions on the thriving world of dons with the assistance of cops and the mysterious encounters. While the movie fails in a few counts, it does score in a few; for instance the acting and performances are not colossally bad. Effectively, Vijay would have to wait for another chance to fix these shortcomings.

Verdict – Well begun, half done!

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