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Review by : Harish V
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Trisha, Makrand Deshpande, Rajpal Yadav, Neeraj Vora.
Direction: Priyadarshan
Music: Pritam Chakraborty, Shani
Production: Hari Om Entertainment Co, Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd

Priyadarshan, the busiest director in Bollywood, comes up with one more release with his ever faithful Akshay Kumar and the southern superstar Trisha in the lead. Priyadarshan has made a living in Bollywood out of Malayalam remakes and this
  Khatta Meetha
time he has surely got carried away. Remaking his comedies is alright but a political satire like ‘Vellanakaludae Nadu’ which has very little comedy and more of politics and pure masala is just a little 20 years too late.

The story is about the protagonist Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar), a Gandhian law student turned dirty and cheating road construction contractor who has to find his way back to his ‘sathyamaeva jayathae’ route which is polluted by his corrupt brother and brother-in-laws, their friend - the Evil Politician who also marries his sister later on. Gehna (Trisha), his ex- college lover, comes back in the scene as the Municipal Commissioner only to find his once saint boyfriend as a corrupt road contractor. Will the transformation of Sachin be complete by the end of the movie? The audience surely would have appreciated if the transformation was a 30 minutes earlier.

Priyadarshan, after the sensational Kanchivaram, has given critically panned Billu, De Dana Dan and Bum Bum Bole and now has hit a new low with Khatta Meetha. The storyline lacked continuity, emotions were too over dramatized, comedy - slapstick to the core, romance was completely missing, too many continuation problem, the pace was bit too slow which all lead to a half baked climax. For a Priyadarshan movie, not even a single laugh-a-loud moment was too big a problem for the audience to digest.

Acting department is led by Akshay Kumar and as always he excels in it. Whatever he did was as per the requirement of the role but the role in itself required a bit of detailing which was very much lacking. Trisha Krishnan’s big Bollywood debut is a complete put off, she lacked the conviction to essay a municipal commissioner’s role, and her mouthing of the dialogues was never in-sync. It’s a mini disaster for this southern hottie who looked fake from the word go. Manoj Joshi was pretty good and Rajpal Yadav a delight to watch. Urvashi Sharma looked pretty and fitted the small role quite well. Aruna Irani and Tinu Anand were completely wasted. Makrand Deshpande did his part quite convincingly. There are loads of other actors in the movie but none good enough to stand out in the crowd.

The movie didn’t require any experiments in the cinematography section, so Manikandan tries to show his skills in the chase sequence pre-climax and it did come out pretty well. Art by Sabu Cyril was exceptional and hardly did anyone know which was true and which was not, something which only the best will be able to attain. Editing by Arun Kumar looked too lenient. Music By Pritam was fine with Aila re Aila and Sajde being quite popular already but bad placement in the narrative does take the sheen out of the melodies.

Overall, it’s a complete let-down.

Verdict – Priyadarshan’s Audience repeller

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