Masilamani Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Nakul, Sunaina
Direction: R N R Manohar
Music: D Imman
Production: AGS Entertainment
Looks like there is no respite from the dry spell cast by the lack of new releases at the box office. And lesser said the better about the ones released. SUN Pictures’ Masilamani gives you an instant hangover of having watched too many movies over a very short period of time. The script feels like a medley-mash of movies released over the past decade. And it wouldn’t be possible for us name each of them since the list runs to pages.

Masi (Nakul) is college student, who is also a social activist. For example, if there is a block in his street’s open water drain he would run up to the MLA’s house and wreak havoc. And if there is an eve-teasing incident on the buses that run in his area, he would bash the miscreants to armor the innocent girls. Sunaina, however, mistakes his so-called social activism to anti-socialism. On the other hand, Nakul has fallen for her hook, line and sinker and realizes that she’s his ideal girl. So to win her heart, he wins her family’s first. Under the disguise of Mani, who is Mr. Deeds. The whole world and her family, of course, know Mani except Sunaina. And when she finds out that both Masi and Mani are the same, she has to decide whom she has fallen for.

With a brittle story like that, director Manohar treads the script with aides in the name of comedy, only to abruptly leave it after a certain point of time. The comedy track, handled by MS Baskar, although inadequately written, provides comic relief. Baskar’s different getups from famous movies including Sivaji, Alavandhan and Ghajini manage to bring smiles, if not a hearty laughter. And Baskar has Karunas to company.

Nakul – Sunaina looks an item. Everything from their chemistry and acting has considerably improved ever since their first time together. We only wished the movie had little more substance to sustain people’s interest. Imman’s score is largely passé except for the Dora Dora song, penned by Pa. Vijay. The Kavidai Gundar song Odi Vilayadu fails to recreate their usual magic.

While the movie starts off promisingly, 20 minutes later, we find ourselves shifting in our seats counting the seconds and scratching the seats for the interval to come up. The second half gathers momentum, but only to culminate into a banal climax.

Thus, Masilamani is necessarily targeted for the B and C centers, for people who have long forgotten the Tullada Manamum Tullum days.

Verdict: Only if you are a die-hard Nakul & Sunaina fan

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