Kulir – The frozen one!
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Starring: Sanjeev, Riya Poongodi
Direction: Anita Udeep
Music: Bobo Shashi
Production: Anita Udeep
The title could be reminiscent of all things pleasant in this inexorably hot weather, but watching debutant director Anita Udeep’s Kulir doesn’t have the same effect. Anita, after probably having set out to deliver a message-movie, has lagged behind soon enough and ended up doing just the opposite.

Sanjeev’s father Aditya is an infamous gangster and his mother splits from him to raise her son away from the bad father’s presence. Sanjeev, however, grows to be nothing less than a gangster displaying the characteristics of his genes – roughing up his teacher at school and getting expelled from the school. The mother sends him to Ooty to a better and disciplined school in a hope that her son gets a better life.

The Ooty school life, however, awakens his murderous instincts after the death of his roommate. He tracks down his rival classmates who are responsible for the killing and executes them one by one. Even better, the police do not find a clue and writes down the cases as natural deaths.
Kulir 100 °
After having successfully vindicated, Sanjeev returns home only to find out that he is punished in a different manner.

Justifying the acts of murder by a teenager is precisely the major issue of the movie that sticks out like a sore thumb. Besides, the plot leaves a lot to be desired too. With a running time of 2 hours, the movie’s first half sustains only in the goofy antics of Bobo Sashi, who has also scored for the movie. Not to mention, the latter part trickles down to nothingness.

The title song sung by Silambarasan and the Mudanmurayaga song stand out in Bobo Sashi’s composition in the otherwise insipid background music scene. Anita is let down majorly by the lack of drive in the plot and she is going to hear a lot of ‘there is no story in the movie’ in the near future.

If you are in a mood for risk, we suggest you try Kulir. Chances are that the title will have an effect on you – when in an A/C theatre with only vacant chairs for company, that is.

Verdict: Experience the cold!

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