Rajadhi Raja - Movie Review
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Starring: Raghava Lawrence Snigdha, Kamna Jethmalani, Meenakshi, Mumtaj, Sameeksha, Kiran
Direction: Shakthi Chidambaram
Music: Karunas
Production: Cinema Paradise
Big brother taking care of his younger siblings, giving them all that they need to learn and grow hoping that they will one day be individuals who are of value to the society; but alas, they turn out to be just the opposite, upholding vices and choosing to tread on those below them for their selfish ends. The big brother has no other choice but to exterminate the wrongdoers whom he had so caringly brought up. That is the story of Rajadhi Raja in a nutshell. We will leave you to judge whether a good movie can be spun with this yarn. Let’s analyze what Shakthi Chidambaram and team have come up with.

Shakthi Chidambaram is known for his carefree entertainers with lots of comedy thrown in. This time, he has tried to take things on a more serious note, depicting the avarice of people in responsible positions in society and how the helpless poor get squashed under the rat race for wealth and power. The love of a brother for his younger siblings and his sense of duty that gives him the strength to take care of them, putting his aspirations on hold is also
Rajadhi Raja
an element in the movie. All these elements could have made for a good movie, but it is the presentation that spoils things, big time. The Rajadhi Raja team seems to have grossly underestimated the tastes of the audience. It is normal for any director to feel compelled to add commercial ingredients in a movie. But, here the ingredients border on the crass. It is quite clear that the movie has been targeted at the B and C center audiences; the ‘Low Class King’ tag is proof enough. But the presentation might be unpalatable even to these centers. There are four ladies in the movie, though none of the roles has scope enough to be called a heroine character. Of the 4 (Mumtaz, Snigdha, Kamna Jethmalani and Meenakshi), only Snigdha and Kamna get roles that have a measure of respectability about them.

Raghava Lawrence does his regular stuff, no change from his previous efforts. The ladies ought to have been used better or not used at all. Karunas comes up with a few moments that might find favor with the front benchers. But, he has provided some very mediocre scores. There might be a few questions raised about the wisdom of handing over the music department to Karunas. Technically, there is not much in Rajadhi Raja that is worth a mention.

Overall, Rajadhi Raja is a tale of gross underestimation of audiences’ tastes. There is a very fine line between being commercial and being crass. Unfortunately, Shakthi Chidambaram finds himself on the wrong side of the line this time.

Verdict: Below the belt!

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