Mariyadhai - Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Vijayakanth, Ambika, Meena, Meera Jasmine, Ramesh Kanna
Direction: Vikraman
Music: Vijay Anthony
Production: Amma Creations
There are no gruesome, bloodthirsty violent escapades or no double entendres or for that matter no Anabond-stuck lip locks. Wow, you almost thought what a clean entertainer and were about to appreciate the director? Hold on! There is no story either in Mariyadhai. Ok, you rake your brains to scout for a novel feature and all that you get is a deja vu feel of Vikraman’s past flicks. All right, let us look at the screen play. Oops no! Screen play is like a vagabond on its own trip, stutters, stumbles and comes to
a seizure finally much to the relief of the audience when the film ends. The film could have been alternately named ‘Nambikkai’ as the word has been uttered innumerable times in the films.

To cut the long story short, sonny Vijaykanth loathes his name Pichai given by his big shot dad and wants to change it. Daddy dearest gives his consent and sonny changes his name to Raja. But this Raja loses Rs. 15 crores to a lady (in love) which has been brought back to him by another damsel.

Vikraman appears to live in his own world and refuses to accept the changes that Tamil cinema has undergone. Someone needs to seriously wake him up from his slumber. My neighbor in the theatre was totally perplexed and needed a guided tour on the film.

An example of ruining an MGR’s blockbuster happens in the form of Idayakani number. One cannot wreck a song any further. Music for all practical purposes is by Vijay Anthony but the numbers shriek of Vikraman all over.

Perhaps Mariyadhai may attract the fairer sex and the DMDK’s loyalists. For all those Captain lovers out there, pray sincerely for his victory in the elections to ensure that movie buffs are spared.

Verdict: Absolutely no Mariyadai for the audience

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