Mayandi Kudumbathar Movie Review
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Starring: Tharun Gopi, Manivannan, Rajkapoor, G M Kumar, Ponvannan, Seeman, Singam Puli, Ravi Maria, Nandha Periyasamy, Jaghannath, Thamizharasi, Poongodi
Direction: Rasumadhuravan
Music: Sabesh Murali
Production: United Arts
In the age of nuclear families and live-in relationships, Mayandi Kudumbathar attempts to emphasize the significance of familial bonds still symbolized by India and entwined in the lives of people in rural Tamil Nadu. Since families and their intimacies, egos and misgivings are in the focus, there is plenty of room for sentiments, which of course means heaps of wet-tissues for the viewer. And Mayandi Kudumbathar does just that - makes you whimper, sob and attempt to contain tears in between the scenes. That is not to say that the movie is completely unwatchable. It is. Only if you fancy watching a gloomy tale of a yearning younger brother’s attempts to get love from his family, after losing his father.

Although Mayandi Kudumbathar boasts of 11 directors, including the one behind the camera, only Rasu Maduravan has handled the story and the screenplay. We assume that he must have had a hard time writing the story interspersed with depressing monologues and tearjerker scenes. The layered story also reminds us often of the sitcoms that has the never-ending-miseries of human beings on their focus.
Mayandi Kudumbathar

Manivannan and G M Kumar are brothers whose families, erstwhile together and happy, split owing to a property dispute. They harbor revenge at each other which results in endless scuffles between the families. Manivannan dies of electric shock leaving his four sons of which the younger one, Tarun Gopi. Tarun is particularly the favorite of Manivannan since he raised him from the time of his wife’s death, after Tarun’s birth. Tarun is now left to fend for himself with the unloving wives of his brothers Ponvannan, Seeman and Jegan. Adding salt to the already sore wound is his girl friend’s unexpected wedding with someone else.

Thus, left with no choice but loneliness in the big bad world, Tarun sets out to earn love from his family. His brothers, although loving, could extend little help since they are henpecked. Tarun finally wins the love of one of his sisters-in-law and things start to get better after that. Now the question remains whether he can bring back the love of his uncle G M Kumar as well.

The often disheartening saga is also sprinkled with a comedy track, tolerably executed by Singampuli and Mayilsamy. All the director-actors have done complete justice to their roles while Tarun Gopi seems to have ‘tried his best’. That is comprehensible, as acting and directing are two different things - what they say about things being ‘poles apart’. And the girls in the lead Tamilarasi and Poongodi are convincing.

The Kalavani song glimmers in Sabesh Murali’s music and has the potential to be a hit. Besides, Vijay Jesudas’s song moistens many eyes, just like the proceedings of the movie. Dialogues are sentimental and some of them hard-hitting – like the ones where Seeman expresses to a friend his inability in helping his brother.

Mayandi Kudumbathar is not probably for those who are city-bred. But if you appreciate the so-called ‘family movies’ that could be watched with families and do not mind a heavy dose of tearjerker sentiment, then you might just like this one.

Verdict: Of relationships and bonds

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