Manjal Veyil Movie Review
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Starring: Prasanna, Sandhya, Bala, M S Baskar, Nizhalgal Ravi
Direction: Vaseegaran
Music: Bharadwaj
Production: Hasini Cinemas
Friendship or love, which is more valuable? The age old debate on ‘natpu’ and ‘kadhal’ comes to the fore once again in Vaseegaran’s Manjal Veyil. Love and friendship are two subjects that can never lose freshness or appeal, so the maker has not run a big risk by taking on a subject that has been tried many times before. The director had claimed that originality would be the USP of Manjal Veyil. The question is whether he has lived up to his word.

Prasanna and Sandhya have been the best of friends since their childhood. They are still the best of friends in college; each of them would do just about anything for the other. So, are they in love or are they not? The depth of their friendship appears like love to most of their college mates. But time proves that friendship can sometimes be more valued than romance, as Prasanna firmly stands by his friendship with Sandhya rather than any other emotion. Well, there is no love between the pair, as Prasanna insists. So, where does the story go from here? There enters the third character in the form of Bala, seen after a
Manjal Veyil
long time on the Tamil screen. How does he change the course of the lives of Prasanna and Sandhya? Love does happen but friendship does not lose. In fact, the movie ends with friendship on top (if you are interested in a debate) after a lot of travails and a great sacrifice. But, the love here doesn’t appear strong, it fails to evoke emotions. If you think that this type of a tale can interest you, then you can watch Manjal Vayil in theaters to find out who is the good friend and the lover.

As said earlier, friendship and love are themes that never lose their appeal, but Vaseegaran has staggered with the screenplay and execution. The narration has no clear direction, there is a flashback, and a flashback within the flashback that takes out whatever little tempo the movie tries to gather. Then there is unusual entity in this love-friendship tale, the villain. Normally, such movies have only destiny and fate playing villains, but the director has decided to insert a character instead. It is completely extraneous for the best part of movie, until the last few frames where he has some part to play. The college setting in the first half has some lively moments where the mobile phone is used as the center of some amusing encounters between M.S. Bhaskar and his students. But, many other scenes fall short of the mark.

Prasanna moves through the role without much fuss, but there is nothing special either. Sometimes one gets the feeling that this is not his kind of role. Sandhya looks less than convincing, smiling artificially at times. R.K (Ellam Avan Seyal fame) as the villain is a casting mistake. He hardly fits into the character as Sandhya’s suitor and his make up is tardy to say the least. M.S. Bhaskar has his moments on screen but his track seems strangely blunted and disjointed after a point. The real surprise packet however is Bala. Coming back to Tamil after a couple of years and a few films in Malayalam, he has done a credible job.

A tale of romance and friendship should have some good music, but Bhardwaj’s scores are a complete let down. There is nothing else that can be said about the technical side of things.

Manjal Veyil is about friendship and love, but it is hard to fall in love with this movie. There are too many pitfalls, enough to negate the universal appeal of the subject. Vaseegaran could have come up with a more pleasing account of two of the most wonderful emotions.

Verdict: Confused account of emotions

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