Adada Enna Azhagu - Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Jai Akash, Nicole, Ashish Vidyarthi, Karunaas, Raguvaran, Reka, Aishwarya
Direction: T.M. Jayamurugan
Music: T.M. Jayamurugan
Production: Tiruppur M.V. Ramaswamy
A singing hero, who brings back the heroine from schizophrenia using his singing skills, a calculatedly chubby heroine, their fathers who are at each other’s throat - of which one is a corrupt defense minister – Adada Enna Azhagu is so fake and out of place that you end up feeling you are time-transported two decades earlier.

Jay Akash and Nicole, who study medicine, fall head-over-
  Adada Enna Azhagu
heels in love with each other. Little do they know the threat in the form of their respective fathers. While Sarath Babu, the psychiatrist is cool with his son’s love, Ashish Vidyarthi, the corrupt defense minister presses the panic button. All hell breaks loose when the girl gets kidnapped by some terrorists and ends up a schizophrenic. And there is a remedy though. The hero should sing for her. Singing he does and brings her back to normalcy! But the story doesn’t end there. It takes another U turn and extends for another hour or so before culminating into a cliché called climax after a sermon delivered by hero’s father.

Now that you have a fair idea about what we meant by being ‘time-transported two decades earlier’, there are other aspects that make you feel out of the world. And Nicole’s liberal skin-show is not one of those. The director Jeyamurugan, however, is unpretentious in his intentions, for he couldn’t have done anything better with this screenplay with holes like a fishnet. So Nicole prances around in tacky but particularly scanty costumes, bikinis and gets wet for – you know what.

And about Jay Akash, Sarath Babu and Ashish Vidyarthi – the lesser said the better. There is nothing even if we tried though.

Even in these times of recession, producer Thiruppur N V Ramasamy seems to have money to burn. Kichaas’ camera brings Ooty and Bangalore in its natural best but choreography by Cool Jeyanth, Ajairaj, Kaadal Kandas and Revathi Balakumar makes the dance competitions on television look better. And all the more atrocious is the fact that the movie has seven songs to its credit.

The LTTE emblem flashes in front our eyes prominently in the caps made worn by the black-cats in the movie. And we have a hard time believing that it’s only an inadvertent error.

Verdict: C grader for B & C Centers

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