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Vallamai Thaaraayo Vallamai Thaaraayo

Vallamai Thaaraayo Movie Review

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Vallamai Thaaraayo
Movie review

Starring: Parthiban, Chaya Singh, Srikanth, Anandraj, Kuyili, and Karunas

Direction: Madhumita

Music: Bharadwaj

Production: Giriguja Films International

Chaya Singh – Nandhitha – is married to Parthiban – Anand – and the wedding is against her consent. She had to sacrifice her childhood love to enter into the wedlock mainly to oblige to her father’s wishes. Although she could not have asked for a better partner than Parthiban, the memories of her previous love poses threat to her current marriage. As a result, she decides to seek divorce and succeeds in getting one.
On the other hand, she was shell-shocked to find out that Sekhar – her childhood love – is marrying another girl dismissing her feelings towards him. Nanditha is devastated by this and seeks asylum in an orphanage where she meets Padmavathi – Anand’s mother. The unexpected meeting turns out to be crucial in Nandhitha’s life, one that makes her realize the significance of unrequited love.

The plot is as poetic as the title, but the experience director Madhumita gained as a director of short films sadly has not come in handy for the feature film. The movie evidently lacks the technical competency of a full-length film and leaves the audience with a feeling of watching a drag television sitcom. The inclusion of a less-than enjoyable comedy track for sheer commercial reason in a serious movie is unpardonable and obstructs the movie’s flow, not serving its purpose of lightening the mood.

Chaya Singh’s character has not been etched out as it should be
and hence lacks credibility. Her love to Srikanth is not substantiated and hence the character fails to gain sympathy or compassion. This, notwithstanding the fact that Chaya has done complete justice to the role by pulling herself by the boot with little effect.
Vallamai Thaaraayo
Parthiban provides a little relief in the otherwise dull and insipid scenario with his wisecracks and sharp one-liners. Unfortunately, these are few and far between and are just not enough to sustain the movie’s flow. Not to mention, Parthiban’s character reminds the viewers a lot of Mauna Ragam’s Mohan although not on par with it.

Best left unsaid about the other performances by Anandraj, Kuyili, and Karunas simply because the director’s focus is only on the couple’s troubled wedlock and seems like the rest of the characters are left to fend for themselves. And the wearisome music deserves no mention either.
Madhumita’s debut attempt is simply a lost ball in the high weeds and reminds us that albeit her potential she needs training in direction – especially in directing feature films.

Verdict: Insipid

Aayudham Seivom
Kadhal Endraal Enna
Aayudham Seivom Dasavatharam Kathavarayan Pandi Kadhal Endraal Enna
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