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Santosh Subramaniam Santosh Subramaniam

Santosh Subramaniam - Movie Review

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Santosh Subramaniam
Movie review

Starring: Jayam Ravi, Prakash Raj, Genelia, Kausalya, Geetha, Premji

Direction: Raja

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Production: AGS Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Love stories, especially when served with a sprinkling of family emotions and bonds, never fail to delight- they are evergreen. Santosh Subramaniam is one such movie, it is a tug-o-war between love and family, what to choose when faced with a choice and who will compromise, or would there be a mutual understanding - it’s a debate that’s been on for generations and will go on for all that to follow.
Santosh (Jeyam Ravi) is a lucky boy born with a silver spoon in his mouth, his life lacks nothing. He has wonderful caring parents (Prakash Raj and Geetha) and loving siblings around him, life is great when someone looks at it from outside. But within Jeyam Ravi is frustrated soul and he pours his heart out to Anu Haasan (in a special appearance) which is where the movie begins and ends! Why is he frustrated? Well, that’s what the movie is all about.

Santosh is not a rebel but he wants to meet a girl who he loves and who will in turn love him and he is very particular about it, no matter what. That’s when he comes across Hasini (Genelia), a bubbly, vivacious, ever smiling, innocent girl who seems to have friends everywhere. In a way, she is the type of girl Santosh has never met before and needless to say he is smitten. He is not very good with girls and has to try a few things before becoming a good friend of hers. He is not in two minds, he knows very well that he loves her but something is stopping him from telling her the truth in spite of being pretty confident that she can’t say a ‘No’ to him. But love cannot be hidden or stowed away, it comes
out. But families being families and fathers being fathers, love is not easily accepted. Of course, Prakash Raj has a very strong reason for doing so. However his son’s insistence pushes him to think it over. Prakash Raj agrees to reconsider but the decision has been already made in his mind. The sequence of events that follow are very novel, unique and interesting. That both Santosh and Hasini are from very different backgrounds threatens to stand in the way of their relationship and it very nearly does break them apart. But love is not easily undone and the ending (as in all good love stories) is their union.

Santosh Subramaniam

What Santosh Subramaniam has in addition to the routine love story is the father-son relationship. It might not be wrong to say that their relationship enjoys more focus in the movie, especially in the second half. Their bond is a complex one, with each one thinking in the best interests of the other but ending up hurting each other. It is in the final portions that Ravi opens his mind and tells Prakash Raj about what is in his heart. The climax is not only about the success of the love story but also about how all members of a family now fully understand each other.

As a movie, Santosh Subramaniam is a well made clean family entertainer. Being the remake of a Telugu superhit Bommarillu, the movie always had expectations but one must not burden the movie with any preconceived notions. Santosh

Subramaniam talks about how love has the power to endear as well as suffocate and that suffocation can turn into rebellion if not resolved. It tells us that the only way to make a person understand is by talking to him/her. If we love someone we must tell them what we like or hate about them. Love is about being honest and love is not only the feelings shared by a boy and a girl, it could be between a parent and a child, between two brothers, between friends, anyone.

Ravi as Santosh has done well, especially in scenes where he cuts loose and lets pent up feelings and thoughts blow out. Genelia has no trouble being the bubbly young girl, but her innocence and antics sometimes look like immature childish pranks. Santhanam, Premji and Sreenath as Ravi’s friends light up a few scenes with their comic acts, they come and go at many points without being there for too long. Sadagopan Ramesh, debuting on the big screen as Ravi’s elder brother doesn’t have much to do. Sathyan as the house servant has some scope for comedy and makes use of it adequately. Sayaji Shinde as Genelia’s father does a role that really does not sit well on him, the casting could have been better. But the real master is (though it may sound repetitive) is Prakash Raj, he proves his class yet again.

Overall, Santosh Subramaniam is a movie that you will enjoy. Yes, the screenplay does drag along a bit, especially a few scenes between Ravi and Genelia could have been trimmed, especially considering that the movie runs for three hours. The ‘Eppadi Irundha’ song has been shot in picturesque locations and is a visual treat. The camera and art too should be appreciated. Watch Santosh Subramaniam for that ‘feel good’ feeling, overlook minor glitches.

Santosh Subramaniam- Well made family entertainer-conditions apply

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