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Pirivom Santhippom Movie Review

Pirivom Santhippom Movie Review

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Pirivom Santhippom Movie Review
Movie review

Cast : Cheran, Sneha, Jeyaram, Murugesan, SN Lakshmi, Vital Rao, Sangeetha, Mouli, Ganja Karuppu,T K Kala, Baby, Rajalakshmi, MS Baskar, Balasingh, Rani, Sujatha, Shanmugarajan, Harris Moosa, Devadarshni, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Jeyalakshmi, Annadurai Kannadasan, Mahadevan, Lakshmanan

Direction: Karu Pazhaniappan

Music: Vidyasagar

Production: Gnanam Films

Karu. Pazhaniappan the director of Pirivom Santhippom, by not infusing commercial elements of filmmaking such as violence and punch dialogues, has come up with almost a picture perfect movie.
Pirivom Santhippom
The crux of the story is that the hero belongs to a huge joint family, while the heroine is a bubbly single-child, always surrounded by her close friends. She also aspires to live in a big family with people encircling her all the time. The two unite in matrimony. Sneha just loves being around with her husband’s mammoth family, whereas Cheran starts longing for some private moments with his wife. Cheran who eventually gets promoted and transferred to a different place, is happy of the development whereas Sneha is a bit troubled. What impact this transfer has on Sneha forms the rest of the story.

Kudos to Pazhaniappan for the natural narration and the impeccable characterization. Great attention has been given to even minute details of story building. Sneha’s as well as Cheran’s intro has been well conceived to show that they both belong to a very different family set-up yet have grown up in a similar atmosphere. The lead pair’s different perceptive has also been well portrayed in the scene where they choose the wedding invitations. Even sequence wherein Sneha drops a coin into a lord Ganesh-shaped moneybox has significance that is showed as the film progresses.

A scene, which is definitely worth mentioning and heartrending, is the one right after the interval, when Sneha finds her entire family at the new place where the hero is transferred, only to realise later that it is a dream. The heroine’s loneliness has been etched out very well in scenes where she pulls up conversation with the electrician, TV mechanic and the dhobi-woman and in scenes where she listens to the taped voices and sounds to thwart the feeling of desolation. Jeyaram’s character, as a general physician, is a real treat. In simple terms, he has done a commendable job. Sneha’s role will be talked about for a long time to come. She uses her eyes very effectively to emote and express her inner feelings. Cheran is restrained and respectful. MS Bhaskar, Super Good Laxman and Ganja Karuppu are impressive as the support cast.

There is nothing in the movie that can be termed as a negative, that is, if you don’t mind the slow pace post-intermission, though that is inevitable, considering the storyline. Even if one could predict what is bound to happen post-interval, the director has managed to keep the tale gripping with the screenplay.

Editing, art and camera work by Saravana, Rajeevan and Prabhu, respectively, fit seamlessly well into the movie, so much so that it is inconspicuous to the audience. Songs flow effortlessly into the narrative, but it is in background-score that Vidyasagar clearly stands out. Easily one of the best efforts of recent times. The dialogues are well conceptualized and written.

As mentioned earlier, though the second part of the film moves at a slower pace, the climax is short and crisp with a director’s touch. What is also worth appreciating is omission of scenes that would have dampened the story’s spirit. While most of the directors might have tried to cash in on an intimate scene right after the wedding, this film has shifted its focus from that trend.

Pirivom Santhippom

Finally, this film is not for those who wish to have a gala time, whistling or catcalling. If you wish to see quality cinema then head to theatres that show Pirivom Santhippom. Perhaps you might not see a better family movie in the near future.

Verdict: A definite must for movie buffs. Miss it at your own risk

Bheema Pazhani Pidichirukku Kanna Billa
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