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Kanna Movie review

Kanna Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Kanna - Sheela, Raja
Movie review


Cast : Prakash Raj, Seetha, Sheela, Raja, Livingston

Direction: Aanand

Music: Ranjith Barot

Production: Kosmic Film Entertainment Company (P) Ltd

The adolescent mind’s immaturity and the trauma that it causes to parents has been a subject that has had its fair share of takers over the years in cinema. Kanna is another exploration of the genre but one that has steered clear of any stereotypes or unwarranted lengthy dialogues in order to convey a message. Kanna is about how a picture perfect family life can go awry by one wrong step.
Kanna - Livingston
The movie is set in Coimbatore around a happy nuclear family. Sheela plays one of the two children of Prakash Raj and Sita, the other being a younger brother. It is a typically peaceful family life where nothing can go wrong. The story begins to roll when Sheela, a 10th standard student, leaves on an educational tour with her class to nearby Ooty. An unusual turn of events on the trip preys on the immature mind and a coincidence that follows soon after further accentuates the concern in her mind. What should have been forgotten as a mere misunderstanding or freakish occurrence becomes a relentless preoccupation and she does not know how to get rid of it.

The subject of her thoughts is a florist in Ooty, enacted by newcomer Raja, whom she meets quite a few times during the course of the tour and gets to know him well. The tour lasts just three days, but quite a lot precipitates in that short interval that keeps Sheela uneasy even on her return to Coimbatore.

Her mind is not quite sure whether what she is feeling for the man whom she has known for just three days is love or something that will just die down with time. Her friends, who know that such a thing is playing on her mind don’t waste the opportunity of making a lively banter out of the matter which further increases her turmoil. The confusion leads her to take the wrong decision inspired by an inappropriate peer example. She wants to let Raja know that she loves him and leaves for Ooty all on her own.

This is where the movie really takes its grip on the audience. It is needless to say that a young girl all alone in a big city cannot be far away from trouble and that impending feeling of doom has been captured well by the director. She does get in trouble quite a few times, none too dramatic or clichéd, gets out of it and moves on trying to find Raja. Finally, realizing her folly she decides that enough is enough, let’s get back home. But stranded in a tourist center at night is not exactly an encouraging situation to be in and the young girl that she is, gets overwhelmed by what she has brought upon herself.

The lead up to the climax is interesting, where she finds Raja and also gets the message that eases her confusion.

Kanna on the whole, is a well made product. The director must be appreciated for what he has brought out on screen. Even though the story is based on just one incident over a few days in the life of a young girl, the script has been woven tightly enough to keep you from getting bored, the sequences where Sheela wanders alone in Ooty really feel like an adventure, you are bound to feel empathetic for the girl. For a change, Prakash Raj does not have to carry the movie on his shoulders, his role is big, not large, certain sequences give us the glimpse of his class, especially his mental distress when his daughter goes missing. Sita too is in her elements in those scenes. Livingston and Sona Nair, both as teachers of Sheela’s school impress and amuse with their performances. The lead pair, Raja and Sheela too have done a good job.

The movie scores well in the technical department too with camera by Taj Mal and art by Muthuraj. Music by Ranjith Barot with Pazhani Bharathi’s lyrics consists of a couple of good numbers. The number, Ragasiya kanavugal is impressive both musically and visually.

Kanna Movie

Kanna is not without its downs. There are places where the pace does tend to sag and you may feel that logic goes missing in certain scenes. But if you overlook these glitches in the right spirit then you can enjoy the movie. Finally, if you are a person whose family has an adolescent waiting eagerly to step into an adult’s world then you must watch this movie with your family. It shows how easily interchangeable love and infatuation are.

Verdict: Kanna: for the entire family

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