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Nayagan Nayagan

Nayagan - Movie Review

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Movie review

Starring: J.K. Rithish, Ramana, Sangeetha, Vaiyapuri, Pandiyarajan, Anandraj

Direction: Saravanashakthi

Music: Mariya Manogar

Production: V.K. Vijayakumar Reddy

Remakes are not uncommon, but they are usually adapted from other languages. Here, we have quite a unique scenario where a movie that has been made in Tamil has been remade. And, it is not even a remake of an old classic. It has been adapted from a movie that failed grossly at the box office, Ashwin’s (son of S.Ve Shekhar) Vegam. But interestingly, this version works better than the others that came before it. What is more interesting is that Vegam was inspired from the English thriller Cellular based on which a Hindi movie Speed had released about this time last year. That, too, was a disaster. So, Nayagan in effect is the third edition of a story that has not seen much success except with its English original, with a few changes and extra twists. But here’s the nice thing: this new version actually works as a decent thriller.
It revolves around a heinous crime racket, a valiant police officer and a phone call that draws a man into a dangerous whirlpool. Anandraj plays the crime kingpin who runs a drugs and pedophile racket with the help of his elder brother. He comes across as a sadistic criminal whose gut wrenching acts can even make policemen squirm. As the crime rate in the city starts increasing, enter J.K. Rithish as an inspector of police to whom the case is handed.

Meanwhile, Ramana who is on his way to his place to marry his fiancée gets a mystery call. The female voice at the other end of the call tells him something that draws him into a web of conspiracy, and hurls him into a dangerous game where anything can be lost. But, the imploring female voice in the phone doesn’t let him walk off.

All the different knots are brought together in the climax to provide a fairly interesting movie. The suspense is decently maintained, as is the tempo and the twists –all of it has been well crafted. The movie is shot well, especially the song scenes where one can see that expenses have not been spared to give us pleasing visuals.
J.K. Rithish has quite a few one-liners, especially where he is projected pompously. But the director, Saravanashakthi, has managed to prevent them from appearing garish or redundant. Anadraj has gained some semblance of form after a long time. Sangeetha too appears in the movie.

All in all, Nayagan is a movie that does not leave you crestfallen. Considering that it does not have very high expectations attached to it, the movie may pass muster. Also, helping it will be the failure of some of the big releases over the past few weeks.

Verdict – does not disappoint

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