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Satyam Satyam

Satyam - Movie Review

Behindwoods Movie Review Board
Movie review

Starring: Vishal, Nayanthara, Upendra, Premji Amaran, Kota Srinivas Rao

Direction: Rajasekhar

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Production: Vikram Krishna

Vishal’s on screen debut as a cop is finally here. It has taken its time in the making, has had quite high expectations and has been aimed at taking Vishal one notch higher in Kollywood. Satyam also has the extra onus of maintaining Vishal’s enviable success in the past couple of years.
The movie is a regular cop flick where one honest conscientious police officer takes on the corrupt forces in politics. Vishal plays a cop with a disturbed past (that is shown in flashback). He has experienced the ruthlessness of the corrupt politicians early in his life and decides to become a cop. His investigations on serial killings that have been going on in the city lead him to a very shocking finding, which links him to his past. He also uncovers a political conspiracy, several accounts of corruption and atrocity. Being a cop who is willing to take on any challenge, he finds himself drawn into the center of a dangerous maze. How he brings the criminal politicians to account forms the crux of the story.

At the outset, Satyam is a police story that has all the usual elements attached to it. Honesty and valor against cunning wickedness and power. It is more action and less investigation as the story gets closer to culmination. Suspense does not play a big part in the movie, except at a few points; one twist in particular scene comes as a surprise. However, overall there is a feeling that the tautness of the story has been compromised for action.
Vishal has toned his body, acquired a few well shaped muscles and flaunts his six pack abs. But unfortunately that does not help the fights interesting. Most of the stunts appear to be dragging with Vishal bashing up batch after batch of thugs who just don’t stop coming. The usual raw originality that one associates with Vishal’s stunts is sorely missing and the director seems to have missed a point here. But kudos to the crew for handling the car chase scenes, two of them especially, with panache. They have come out well on screen. There is nothing much other than action to mention in the movie. The climax scenes which could have become the highlight of such films have been replaced by a long drawn sermon by a bald Vishal (completely unnecessary) which makes the movie seem even longer.
First, congratulations to the director for some smart casting keeping in mind that the movie is a bilingual. There is a Telugu touch in casting. Vishal has nothing much to do except look serious and fight hordes of men. Kota Srinivas Rao and Ravi Kaalai play out negative roles with ease, Ravi Kaalai in particular has given a fine performance. Upendra, debuting in Tamil, has done a role that has grey shades and has carried it out well. His scenes with Vishal where they debate about the significance of justice are worth watching. Nayanthara fails to impress with her acting skills, a disappointment after Billa. The glamour quotient however has been maintained.

The movie does not have much scope for comedy but there are a few scenes where Senthil as Paneerselvam (the character from Indian) and Brahmanandam (Telugu comedian from Mozhi) as his assistant bring some kind of comic relief. Other attempts at comedy by Nayanthara (as a reporter) and her assistants fall flat. Music does not provide much delight, a surprise considering it has been done by Harris Jeyaraj. Chellame number gives a déjà vu feeling of Kaakka Kaakka but is soothing to the ears.
Overall, Satyam is a Vishal show and there is no effort to hide that. But the director seems to have overdone the focus on Vishal and the movie drags along at times, the action gets too redundant and the tempo totally fades away. In technical aspect too, the movie does not have much to be talked about.

On the business side, the lack of pace in narration can prove to be a major handicap for the movie in all centers. But same cannot be said of its chances in Telugu where action is a favorite genre. For Vishal it is a disappointment that his cop debut has turned out to be a mediocre fare.

Verdict – a complete Vishal show that fails to impress.

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Aayudham Seivom
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