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Dasavatharam Dasavatharam

Dasavathram trailer review

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Spectacular. That’s the word that comes to mind when you see the Dasavatharam trailer. Dasavatharam feels like a complete spectacle, from star to finish: relentless action, stunts, explosions, martial arts, set pieces, and suspense. A lot of the
daredevil action seems to alternate between underwater and aerial sequences. Is the tidal wave of water we see a Tsunami or an explosion? The very first image is that of inside the Oval office at the White House. This is a tantalizing glimpse. Further, we get glimpses of two Kamals: one looks like the fresh-faced, naïve young man from Indian, the other the sinister, pony tailed assassin from Hey Ram. Kamal is probably cleverly using the Hey Ram like get up for another purpose entirely.

Dasavatharam’s director K.S. Ravikumar (as usual) seems to be making a cameo. From the quick images flashing, we can guess that at least a part of the story is set within the context of an orthodox Brahmin family (Asin resembles an Iyengari) and another part with a Sikh family or some background pertaining to the politics and history of the Sikhs. The very South Indian orthodox looking sequences seem to hint at ancient Shaivite conflicts. But how does something like that relate to a story also involving the President of the United States?! Intriguing, indeed. At yesterday evening’s audio launch, Kamal repeatedly said the 11th role he was donning in Dasavatharam was as scriptwriter. Something he said was just as hard – perhaps harder. He’s confident he’s come up with a plot that will grip our imagination. The trailer is clever not to give away too much – enough though to have you salivating for the real thing.

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