Muthirai Movie Preview
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Starring: Nithin Sathya, Daniel Balaji, Lakshmi Rai, Manjari Phadnis.
Direction: Sreenath
Music: Yuvanshankar Raja
Production: A Vision Jeeva Studios Film
Two crooks who revel in thieving and swindling people, two women who enter their lives and turn it all; that is Muthirai in a nutshell for you. Crooks and thieves or ‘420s’ as they are sometimes called have been used quite often as protagonists in cinema all over the world and this representation has been well received. Muthirai brings back the theme of protagonists on the wrong side of the law and society. Written and scripted by Anees Jeeva, Muthirai is said to be a film that cannot be fitted into any particular genre.

Yes, when you hear that two thieves (Daniel Balaji and Nithin Sathya) are the central characters of the movie, you tend to think that it is a thriller, like Alibaba that released last year. But, the makers insist that Muthirai cannot be strictly slotted into any one groove. It has the thrills, it has the romance and it has much more. Lakshmi Rai and Manjari Phadnis (Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa fame) play the two women who enter the lives of outlaws and it is an interesting course of events from there on. The story is set partially in a village (around 40%) and the rest in the city. The village being shown in Muthirai will be of a kind that has not been depicted in Tamil cinema before, everyone is sure to love it. The scenes in the village were shot on a set erected near Tirupathi.

Anees Jeeva has stated that she is proud to have completed this script. It is the kind of script that her husband, late Jeeva always wanted to write. For the lead actors of Muthirai, this is a crucial movie. Daniel Balaji makes his first tryst with a lead role, shedding his ‘vampire like’ image of the cold blooded villain. Nithin Sathya needs the momentum of a hit behind him, especially after the Pandayam debacle. Manjari’s Tamil debut will be closely watched after her Hindi debut last year that fetched her loads of accolades. Lakshmi Rai will be looking to consolidate her new found success tag.

Adding value to Muthirai will be Yuvan’s music. It is peppy and youthful for total enjoyment. Rakhi Sawant’s presence in an item number is expected to spice up things, but it can also be a double edged sword.

Muthirai looks like an interesting offering coming up this Friday. The storyline looks absorbing and different, the cast is refreshing, there’s Yuvan’s music and it is also a film that has been jointly produced by Bollywood producer Vikram Bhatt. So, we can expect some quality here. Let’s wait and watch whether director Sreenath has managed to translate Anees Jeeva’s vision on screen. After all, Muthirai is meant to be an on screen tribute to Jeeva. Let’s hope it does.
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