Manjal Veyil Movie Preview
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Starring: Prasanna, Sandhya, Bala, M S Baskar, Nizhalgal Ravi
Direction: Vaseegaran
Music: Bharadwaj
Production: Hasini Cinemas
A film for the youth, that’s what director Vaseegaran has to say about his movie. The characters have not been made for cinema, they have been picked straight from real life or that’s what the film claims to be. Manjal Veyil will be a story that happens between three students in a college. All those who have ever been to college will be able to identify with what is shown on screen, because the college setting has not been artificially peeped up or overworked upon for the sake of entertainment; it will be very natural.
  Manjal Veyil

Prasanna, Sandhya and Bala are three students in college and Manjal Veyil is a story that revolves around what happens between these three characters. That would obviously mean a love triangle one might think, but the director has remained very non-committal about this. He said that the events that occur between these three characters will have suspense around it which is a key element in the movie. He has appealed viewers to not let out this suspense once they have seen the movie.

A couple of songs have been shot on a grand scale, one of which was shot on the helipad of a 20 storey building in Bangkok in searing heat. The director believes that the efforts have borne fruit on screen.

Any movie that happens in a college is sure to have a lot of fun in it. Manjal Veyil too will have its share of fun and frolic that comes in college life. The cast consists of M.S. Bhaskar, RK, Nizhalgal Ravi and Sree Ranjani. M.S. Bhaskar has played a professor in the movie and the scenes where he matches his wits with the students have come out very well.

Director Vaseegaran, also handling the story and screenplay, has already had a trial run of the movie with quite a few college students and has received some positive feedback and hopes for similar responses from the box office. Manjal Veyil has been produced by Hasini Cinemas. Music has been scored by Bharadwaj.
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