Kulir 100 ° Movie Preview
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Starring: Sanjeev, Riya Poongodi
Direction: Anita Udeep
Music: Bobo Shashi
Production: Anita Udeep
What do you expect when you first hear the title Kulir 100 deg? It is difficult to say, because in no part of the world will 100 degrees be described as ‘Kulir’. The title has obvious irony and it leads one to think that the story will have a bit of it as well.

Those who have been watching the stills and promos in newspapers will by now be quite sure that Kulir 100 degrees is a 100% youth oriented entertainer. When you say ‘youth oriented’, the most important elements are
  Kulir 100 °
bound to be romance and music. The songs screened on TV till now have upheld the above assumption. A teenage love story seems to be in the offing for the youth. Kulir 100 degrees, true to its name, looks to be set on a hill station. The camera seems to have done a fair bit in capturing the serene beauty of the hills and the mist of the place.

Music is of course very important in a youthful love story which also seems to have a heavy emotional content. Bobo Shashi (son of Murali of the Sabesh Murali team) makes his debut as composer with Kulir 100 degrees. He has made his intentions clear with the album. He is set to capture the attention of the youth and from what has been heard so far, he has not done badly in his efforts. The album is definitely trendy and stylish. The Sabesh Murali team seems heavily involved in this movie, not directly, but through their sons. If music has been composed by Murali’s son, the film stars Sabesh’s son Karthik in a key role. Riya, a model from Delhi plays the heroine. The film also includes a host of youngsters, Abhishek, Sanjeev, Nukman and Nitish. A number of groups or troupes with very trendy names like Purple Patch, Boomerang X and Thug Laws are behind the lyrics apart from the regular name of Pa.Vijay.

If it is as good as it looks, Kulir 100 degrees will be a treat for the youth who like to watch love stories unfold on screen.
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