Mayandi Kudumbathar Movie Preview
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Starring: Tharun Gopi, Manivannan, Rajkapoor, G M Kumar, Ponvannan, Seeman, Singam Puli, Ravi Maria, Nandha Periyasamy, Jaghannath, Thamizharasi, Poongodi
Direction: Rasumadhuravan
Music: Sabesh Murali
Production: United Arts
Directors are now venturing in front of the camera more often than ever, but never before have 10 of them featured together in one movie. Mayandi Kudumbathar will be the first of its kind for bringing together 10 directors in front of the camera. The only director on the set not to have acted
  Mayandi Kudumbathar
in this movie is Rasumadhuravan, the director of this movie. It is not easy for a young director to be at the helm of affairs when there are 10 experienced and successful directors around. But, Rasumadhuravan seems to have pulled this off with the cooperation of all the directors turned actors.

Mayandi Kudumbathar, as claimed by the makers, is a family film with lots of action but devoid of violence. We will have to see the movie to know what exactly that means. Tarun Gopi (of Thimuru and Kaalai fame) makes his acting debut in the lead role. There are two heroines in the movie, both being played by new faces Poonkodi and Thamizharasi. Apart from Tarun Gopi, Seeman will be seen in a very important role. Veterans Manivannan (who is now considered more an actor than director) and G.M Kumar will also essay key characters in the movie which is all about family feuds and the resulting clashes which are finally resolved when a secret held for years is revealed. Seeman and Tarun Gopi play foster brothers in the movie and the story is said to revolve around this issue.

At the outset, this movie might look like a regular village story, where the sickle is the final word. But, the unit has ensured that Mayandi Kudumbathar will not conform to such stereotypes. Shot in the rustic settings of Vathalakundu, Theni and the surrounding regions, Mayandi Kudumbathar will bring alive the rural life of Tamil Nadu. Music scored by the Sabesh Murali team should add to the value of Mayandi Kudumbathar.

Releasing this Friday, Mayandi Kudumbathar is interesting due to its cast. For once, we will get to see a wholesale performance of directors and perhaps we can evaluate whether directors are indeed good at practicing what they expect from the actors.
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