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Prakashraj sour: still no takers for Poi
Sep 09, 2006
It has been a long time since the release of Poi has been ‘just round the corner’. But, the corner seems far away. Why should a movie that has been directed by a legend of the order of K Balachander face any problems? One might think that the problems are financial, but that is not the case. The shooting of the film was completed quite some time back under the production of Prakashraj’s Duet Movies. It is at the stage of release that the problems have cropped up. It is said that most of the distributors are expressing their reluctance at buying the rights for the movie. They feel that the subject and the treatment given by KB is outdated and that the film is not a sure bet. The fact that KB’s last movie, Paarthaalae Paravasam which had Madhavan and Simran in it’s star cast has failed at the box office.

A decade back, distributors might have fallen over each other to get hold of a KB film, but things have changed a lot from then. Now, the news is that Oscar Ravichandran has come forward and offered to take up the movie. But, even this big production house is moving very cautiously. Ravichandran is reportedly trying to sell of most of the areas of the film and retain some key areas for himself. But finding distributors is not proving easy. Ravichandran’s reluctance in releasing the movie throughout Tamilnadu is understandable as he is currently involved in the production of the big budget Dasavatharam and he needs all the money that he has to fund the project.

Meanwhile, the movie has been dubbed into Telugu as Abaddham and has found immediate acceptance. It is said that a private satellite channel has bought the rights for the movie and this has helped Prakashraj recover some of the money that he invested. It is said that Prakashraj is quite sour at the distributors of T.N because of their reluctance to take up the movie. Not because the movie is produced by him, but because the movie has been directed by one of the most iconic figures in the industry who has given so many hits. Hope that Poi makes it to the screens soon.
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