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Three Jeevas, Simbu and Lal
By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 18, 2007
You might have seen one actor playing three different roles, but have you ever seen or even heard of three actors playing one character. No, and why? Because, logically speaking, that is impossible. So that’s not happening. But something is being attempted in these lines. Well, as per the story, three characters, all with the same name, chase the other two.

Now, we don’t know who is chasing whom and for what. Confusing enough to be a Manoj Night Shyamalan film, but the good news is that the idea doesn’t belong to him or even to Hollywood. It is much closer home, Tarun Gopi. Readers may be aware that Tarun Gopi is currently busy directing the Simbu-starrer, Kaalai.

A few weeks back Behindwoods.com had reported of Vedika dancing in the middle of the road in broad daylight for the movie. If you thought that things couldn’t get any different, then you are wrong. The entire script seems to be out of the ordinary. Three characters have the same name – Jeeva, being played by Simbu (Jeeva 1), Lal (Jeeva 2) and new-face Sunil (Jeeva 3). Simbu is the hero and Lal is, obviously, the villain, and it is still not clear as to how Sunil fits into the picture.

So, we are told, the story is about No.1, No.2 and No.3 being involved in a game of hide-and-seek. So, assuming that No.2 is after No.3 and No.3 is trying to get to No.1 in order to keep away from No.2. Knowing that, No.2 chases No.1 to stop him from getting to No.3. But No.1, being the hero, gets to No.3 and goes after No.2 to stop him from getting to No.3. So, can No.3 keep himself away from No.2 with the help of No.1 and can No.1 take No.2 to task for going after No.3 could be the story. Oh boy! this is quite confusing, than interesting, but Tarun Gopi has promised a razor sharp script which will move at a great pace. There is also reportedly a lot to watch out for in the pre-interval scenes.

And finally, a status report on Kaalai. Everything is on track with a schedule in Italy being planned for next month to shoot a song featuring Simbu and Vedhika.

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