‘Karthi is dwarfing me’: Suriya
December 13, 2009

The trailer launch of Aayirathil Oruvan was held today at Sathyam Cineplex in a star studded function. The long awaited movie is finally arriving for Pongal 2010. At the event, Producers’ Council Chairman Ramanarayanan and Kamal Haasan released the trailer which was received by Suriya.

Speaking at the function, a visibly relieved Selvaraghavan said all about the difficulties that he had to face while filming Aayirathil Oruvan. He said that no one should compare Tamil films to Hollywood. The Tamil industry has the potential and resources to produce high quality films and we must be aiming to create an individuality of our own instead of comparing ourselves to western counterparts. He said that 22 departments were involved in making Aayirathil Oruva happen and it was indeed a big task to coordinate all of them. He made a request to Kamal Haasan and other such big names and veterans in the industry to sow the seeds for the development of the necessary departments of film making. Speaking further about the film he said that the Aayirathil Oruvan experience has converted him from an atheist to a believer. There is a character in the movie which resembles Lord Shiva and he said that it is perhaps this divine power that helped him complete such a big undertaking. He further added that every unit member of the movie was like a God to him. He also added that ideas and interesting concepts are not an issue for him, he has quite a few of them. But, the practical difficulties of making them into films are considerable. Moving on to his next film that stars Vikram, he said that this one too requires extensive graphics work. He had already approached a firm in Mumbai for the same and they reportedly quoted an unprecedented 120 crores as the budget. He returned disillusioned only to find that technicians in the Tamil industry were willing to complete the same at around 50 lakhs. He said that this incident convinced him that the Tamil industry has the best people to work with. It is perhaps the lack of confidence that is holding everyone back.

Kamal was of the same opinion as Selvaraghavan. He said that the term Kollywood was too limiting, it should be referred only as Tamil cinema and there must be a constant effort to produce high quality films. He also agreed with Selvaraghavan on the matter of developing departments of film making. He said that on that day, he had understood the perfect example of what ‘word of mouth’ actually meant. After the trailer was screened, Suriya had leant over to him and said that two years or even more are absolutely justified while making such a quality film. This was not the patronizing comment of an elder brother about his sibling’s effort but it was genuine appreciation.

Suriya was profuse in his praise for Karthi. He said that his younger brother was scaling peaks that he himself had taken a long time to do. Right from the first film, Karthi has been setting benchmarks and now he is growing even bigger than me by the day. ‘Karthi is practically dwarfing me’, he said with a smile.

The trailer and two songs were screened at the function. Astounding is perhaps pretty mild an adjective to describe what was shown. It was quite a sight, a visual treat, a spectacle in all respects. As Selvaraghavan had said, all departments seem to have been well coordinated; in fact it would not be wrong to say that they were in perfect sync. Especially, the direction, camera (Ramji) and music (G.V. Prakash) are in absolute harmony. The special effects on display too were spellbinding (they have been done by Prime Focus). T. Santhanam’s art too seems top notch in whatever little was on display. Even the costumes (Erum Ali), in the songs, stand apart from the ordinary. The cast too seems to have done a wonderful job. Karthi is all élan and ease in his role while Reema Sen seems to have come up with one of the best in her career. She looks simply superb in the songs, same with Andrea. Reema’s dance moves are sure to be a hit. Parthiban’s role was a bit shrouded, but it is clear that he has something special in this movie.

The only thing that could not be predicted even after all this was the genre of the movie. It has element of fantasy, no doubt. But, it seems to have everything else too. The lead characters are seen rummaging through the ruins of an ancient dynasty, sleeping in a desert, fighting tribals etc… One can find out fully only when the movie hits theaters. All said and done, Aayirathil Oruvan seems to be one that will be worth the wait and the effort. It is surely one of the biggest efforts taken in Tamil cinema. If the output has matched the effort, then we are surely going to see history being created at the box office. Let’s wait and see if this movie will truly be the ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ of Tamil cinema.

Aayirathil Oruvan
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