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Interview Team : Jyothsna

Anaswara began her film career with Vallinam and EGO. She is the pretty looking yellow sari clad ghost in Deekay’s Yamirukka Bayamey. Talking to Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar, this young actress shares her experience working in the film.


Entry into film industry


I was always a nerdy, geeky student with spectacles and films were never in the plan anywhere. After I finished my schooling, I went to see Chennai Super Kings fan video shoot where I met one of Vallinam’s crew members who suggested a second lead role in the film. I first did not believe this but later spoke to my parents who were naturally hesitant at first. I convinced them that I would just try once and if it does not click, I will get back to my academics.


But as luck would have it, out of 40 odd people who came for audition, I was selected and that’s how I came on board Vallinam which was my first film.  


EGO and Yamirukka Bayamae


When I was in my second year graduation, I got the offer to play the heroine’s role in EGO. Although Vallinam was the first offer that came to me, EGO released first and now I have done my 3rd film Yamirukka Bayamae.


How did Yamirukka Bayamae happen?


Yamirukka Bayamae happened to me by chance. Balaji who played the don’s son role in the film suggested about the role and I met director Deekay regarding this.


He said that he is looking out for someone who could deliver, as it is a performance oriented role. I was a bit nervous as this is only my 3rd film but Deekay gave me a lot of reference like Chandramukhi in Tamil and Kaun in Hindi. He was clear that I should be scary and at the same time, should not look retarded.


I prepared well and auditioned. He liked my act and selected me. He wanted a face that should be innocent but at the same time, when the change over happens, there must be enough scare quotient. I think I had delivered what he had wanted.

I think I had delivered what he had wanted


Yamirukka Bayamae shooting experience


I had rehearsed my lines many times and at the shooting spot, I used to give different expressions and the ones that scared people enough, we used to fix it. Application of the ghost make-up would take around 4 hours and the removal another four hours. People told me that they were very scared to look at me when I was in the ghost makeup. 


Working with Deekay


Deekay and I have been discussing exhaustively about our portions and he was really helpful. He was very difficult to please on the spot and always would ask for ‘one more’. It was a good learning experience for me to have worked with Deekay.




I have to thank and appreciate Elred sir, as it is not easy to introduce 15 new technicians and give a chance to upcoming artists. He believed that we could do and he took us on.  I am also thankful to him for having entrusted me with a complex role. 

I am also thankful to Elred sir for having entrusted me with a complex role


Co-stars Kreshna, Karunakaran, Rupa Manjari and Aadhav


Kreshna put me at ease and used to crack jokes. He was very understanding and when I used to wear my ghost make up he realized I can’t open my mouth beyond a point to eat and hence used to get me mo-mos and put a straw in my water bottle etc. That was very considerate of him. 

Karunakaran is a very serious person. Usually you expect a comedian to be funny but he is generally serious and brings such a lot of humor in front of the camera, which very clearly indicates he is a very good actor.

Rupa and I always used to hang out with each other.  She is a little older to me and I kind of felt she was  like my elder sister.

Aadhav has been very supportive and helpful. He was the first one to witness my ghost make up and he was the first one who I scared with my ghost make up on.

Kreshna was very considerate


Vellai Pandhu song


The visuals of my song look very good. Everyone including the lyricist and music director has made the song look so special.  


Preparations for the character


My director had clearly explained about my character and hence I used to stand alone in that room in the house to imbibe the feelings of the character. I tried to understand the frustration and pain of the character sitting alone in that house for ages. It was complex and new to me. 

I knew that I had to portray an innocent look and at the same time scare people. Seeing that people have accepted my character is a good thing. And to realize that my song is also accepted is a double whammy of sorts. 

I tried to understand the frustration and pain of the character 


Ghost make up


My make up took a minimum of 4 hours to put and another 4 hours to remove. It had a layer of egg on the face, neck, hands and legs followed by silicon and also prosthetics. The makeup content had to be readied the previous day for a next day shoot. You can’t dry it in hot air as it would flake and come out. Therefore my makeup artist had to use a cold air dryer in the cold climate. It was tough but when I see the response, I feel really happy.

It was tough but when I see the response, I feel really happy


Did you get scared while you were shooting?


I just got scared for one scene when Kreshna would open the door and I would emerge in a yellow sari from a room. That room was pitch dark and I was very very scared. After a while I asked the director to send 2 ADs to that room.  That apart, I was the ghost and looking at me, others were only getting scared.

The caretaker of the house used to show me to his kids and make them eat saying that if they don’t eat, I will eat them up as I am the ‘bhooth’. It was actually funny. 


In real life, are you afraid of ghosts?


I am the biggest scardy cat during school days and at home my elder sister used to play pranks on me. In a way Yamirukka Bayamae helped me get over my fear. 


Any interesting fact about the house?


People told us there were cheetahs around the house but thankfully my shots were inside. The house was in Nainital where the Hindi film Vivah was also shot. 


Did you expect that the film will do very well?


When I had seen some footages before the release, I felt that the film would do well but at the same time, did not expect it to become such a big hit.  I am also glad that the audience liked my role and performance.


Feedback for your performance


I have been getting a lot of good feedback in twitter saying that my performance was terrorizing. There is a lot of positive response and audiences have accepted me. Director K V Anand said that I have done well and that my portions were fresh. 

Director K V Anand said that I have done well and that my portions were fresh


Have you signed any project?


I am in talks with few people. I want to take something different in my next project. I also want to try different roles. Jyothika ma'am is my huge inspiration in this as she has done a wide variety of roles.

Jyothika ma'am is my huge inspiration


Actor that you would like to work with? 


I know I am being greedy but I would like to work with everyone possible. Every hero is different. Rajini sir is so cool. He is in the industry for so long but still has the control over his audience. His screen presence is so energetic.

From my school days I am a big fan of Suriya sir and am a bit partial towards him. I am a huge fan of Ajith sir and Vijay sir. As I had mentioned, I like to work with everyone.  

I am a huge fan of Ajith sir and Vijay sir