Guess Suriya / Ajith’s Valentine’s Day gift?

  No other industry would have abused, or rather explored if I may say, the notion of love like we do/did in Tamil movies. There is love in every form in each one of our movies. There are a million dimensions of love and we have seen it all; love in the most impracticable circumstances, love between a high society girl and a low class boy (which is perhaps the most common of all), friends falling in love, neighbors falling for each other, lovers moving on and sacrificial love - you name it.

Love is also perhaps the most misused word, strung together in phrases ranging from the unobtrusive ‘1-4-3’ to the very many quotes, indicating when the sparks flew, announcing the arrival of love. Mostly, we break into dance sequences when we fall in love.

The successful love stories on and off screen in Tamil cinema are inestimable. Many of our star couples, predominantly the contemporaries including Suriya – Jyothika and Ajith – Shalini, stand testimony to the fact that love transcends the barriers of work, percolating into
real life when you have cinema for a career. After all looking intensely into the eyes of your female co-star and uttering deeply weighty lines about love and family does have its aftereffect. If your script also involves marrying, forming family and having kids; Bingo! You have lived it all and documented it even before you are married in real life (remember, Suriya – Jyothika in Jillunno Oru Kadhal).

Coming to think of it; for the imperfect human beings we are, it’s perfectly possible to carry forward the feelings – the ones you are supposed to forget right after the shot is over – to home until the inevitable move of announcing the love happens between the two parties. You have to have absolute control (or in other words, you have to be a saint in real life) to not let an emotional scene disturb you or excite you, as the case may be. Imagine as viewers, if we talk and write oodles about a film’s lead pair’s onscreen chemistry it’s plausible that they have that kind of chemistry going on between them in real life. These are the sweet little perils, part of life of an actor.

So Suriya and Jyothika carried their onscreen romance to their real lives and gave the paparazzi a run for their money by making every one play the guessing game while Ajith and Shalini were more open about it. And there are those who dilly dally with partners, indecisive about their choices. Not to mention about the others who give up on their love sooner than they got hitched.

Let’s celebrate love this week, in Technicolor. We hope Jyothika receives an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift and Shalini, a scrumptious home-cooked dinner by Ajith himself. We also wish the to-be married couples of Tamil cinema Nayan – Prabhu and Selvaraghavan – Geethanjali a very happy union and a memorable Valentine’s Day. Let’s hope their celebration of love proves to be ‘happily ever after’.

And for others in the film fraternity, here’s to a perfect Valentine’s Day - just an official excuse to celebrate love, for one way or other that is the main notion we are celebrating in our movies day in and day out.

We may be people who are hopelessly in love with love and movies, but there seems to be absolute thoughtlessness when it comes to celebrating the day. Here’s also to the fact that there are no love movies releasing on the occasion of the V-Day in Tamil. How is that for a love-addict Tamil cinema?

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