Whose tweet is it anyway?

  If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated in the world ranking right next to China and India with a population of 400,000,000 users. While most of the user population secretly nurtures the wish to wean off the ubiquitous Facebook addiction, the number of new users signing up has not significantly reduced. According to statistics, on an average, 650,000 people sign up for a Facebook account every day (or 7.5 every second). This applies to the micro-blogging site Twitter as well.

Upsurge of the social networking phenomenon has thrown open many possibilities for internet users – from common man to celebrities. Interaction has been taken to a new level and every celebrity, worth his/her penny, wants to socialize with their fans, voice their opinions on social issues and keep themselves updated about the general state of affairs. As a result, the social networking sites are replete with stars – big and small.

FB and Twitter have redefined PR (public relations). Since they are obviously inexpensive and provide tremendous, instant reach for a movie, tinsel town throngs the cyberspace with its

latest, minute by minute updates. A producer doesn’t even have to worry about promoting his movie online. His heroine tweets about it, his director posts updates on his FB page and the hero posts pictures of it. If the music director is web savvy, he posts song samples and theme music.

This helps create the quintessential buzz and increases the curiosity level of fans / readers thus generating publicity for the movie in question. The producers also know too well to massage the social networking sites gently to produce desired results. There are song premiers, trailer releases and exclusive footage on Youtube.

Essentially, all these make sure that the social networking sites are overcrowded (true to their burgeoning population much like the countries they are compared with). So much so that it is immensely difficult to even ‘follow’ or ‘befriend’ all of the celebrities since the choices are just too many. Starting from Amitabh Bachchan and Amir Khan to Trisha and Shruti Hassan, every single one of them (and everybody in between) either blogs or on FB or tweets. So who do you follow? All of them? If only.

The presence of celebrities freely in cyberspace also has given rise to a new phenomenon - of using the celebrity ‘news updates’ as a news source. It’s not uncommon to see the news-hungry media (both print and web) making use of updates posted on FB, Twitter and other social networking sites and blogs of celebrities. It’s free news and free from copyright issues. It also offers scoops, juicy in-set gossips apart from other regular updates. Some newspapers also run a regular feature on the ‘tweet of the day’ that highlights the top tweets of different stars.

But this global phenomenon is yet to be experienced entirely down south, as it seems. Barring a few celebrities, not many have been attracted by the social networking revolution. It’s only slowly catching up at the moment what with Youtube trailer releases and dedicated websites for movies. The tremendous potential of internet (for the most part, it’s free) is yet to be realized by our producers. Even Endhiran only made use of TV commercials mostly, other than the trailer doing its round on its own in the internet.

The presence of South Indian celebrities (read from Kollywood) in cyberspace is negligible that it’s almost easy to miss. Popular among them is Trisha, who tweets a lot (her recent tweets provides enough updates about Manmadhan Ambu). Among others, Shruti and Madhavan are net savvy and have a presence in the cyberspace.

The others are shying away, probably to protect their privacy from the internet’s unsafe terrain or just owing to the lack of time. Be that as it may, let’s believe they will be forced into the bottomless pit called internet eventually and discover what it is to be on the social networking sites.

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