7 Things I liked about Kanthaswamy

1. The concept

Kanthaswamy might not be the first movie to say this, but it is definitely an idea that deserves to be told time and again until we are close to realizing it. Uneven accumulation of wealth is one issue that has been hampering our development for decades. Statistics put India right at the top of the list of countries which have personal deposits in Swiss banks. The rest of the world would not be able to outweigh India in terms of black money, some say. The movie also emphasizes that accrual of illegal money gives unwarranted powers to few who feel no remorse in misusing it. So, Kanthaswamy indeed raises a pertinent point.

2. The Style

We always knew that Vikram was a class actor, but we never knew that he could be so stylish. Anniyan’s Remo is perhaps the only character he had played which has

emphasis on style. But, Kanthaswamy has outdone all that. The blazers and the coolers sit perfectly on Vikram and he carries them off with élan. The costumer must be applauded for some excellent work.

3. The leading lady

Well, Shriya has always been a soft target for those who don’t like the conventional arm candy type of heroines, Kanthaswamy has been no different. But, there is more to her performance in the movie than the petty criticisms. First, she is playing the daughter of a multi millionaire and she has brought out that haughty demeanor in a great way. The high handedness, the attitude and overconfident body language are all present. Of course, her dance movements will be setting new benchmarks for leading ladies in Tamil cinema, watch the final portions of the ‘Allegra’ song to understand fully what has been said.

4. The visuals

For a film that has been called run of the mill commercial stuff, the camera department has been daringly different. No one can remember an Indian film that had opted for a yellow tone throughout. We have had shades of blue and other pleasing colors at best, but yellow is definitely a new experience. Only Hollywood has tried this before. The scenes in Mexico, especially the aerial shot of three hummers atop a bridge, are extremely well taken.

5. The sets

The art department must be applauded for creating some sets that appear very genuine, especially the interiors of the CBI office, the interrogation room and other such small touches.

6. The songs

Richly shot, peppy and well placed; the songs of Kanthaswamy are really a highlight of the film. Be it the racy ‘Allegra’, the conversation type ‘Excuse Me’ or the raunchy ‘Meeow Meeow’, all catch the eye.

7. The Places

Susi Ganesan has globe trotted for Kanthaswamy. The locations are ones that have never been seen before; full credit to the team for unearthing such unseen locations and bringing them onto screen. Thanks to Kalaipuli Thanu for showing faith in the director and giving him all that he needed to make the spectacle possible.

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7 Things I liked about Kanthaswamy
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