Immortalized by death: The King of Pop
Michael Jackson  

History repeats itself. It may sound clichéd, but history has just repeated itself. ‘The King of Pop’ ended in much the same way as The King of Rock and Roll’. Michael Jackson is now just a memory, a glowing one at that. Thirty years ago, Elvis Presley had set greatness leaving a trail that is yet to be matched. There is something about him and Michael Jackson that makes one believe in the concept of history repeating itself.

Elvis was the rock and roll icon of his times, a global superstar of unmatched fan following. It is said that the crowds that he drew for his live concerts are still unparalleled. He still remains the only man to ever have entered the Hall of Fame in four different genres of music. He had everything he could ask for in life. Yet, at the age of 42, he collapsed, shocking a generation of fans world over, never to wake up again.

Michael Jackson took pop music to the world, he taught the world to dance; he made the world dance to his tunes.

He was one name familiar to all parts of the civilized world; he was the true inheritor of the legacy of global superstardom left behind by Elvis Presley. Like the King of Rock and Roll, the King of Pop was unmatched in the following that he commanded. One thinks he couldn’t have asked for more in his life. Yet, at the age of 50, he too collapsed, shocking another generation of fans, never to wake up again. History repeated itself.

The death of Elves Presley is still an unsolved mystery for most people in the world. Autopsy, toxicology and forensic analysis have not been able to uncover the true reason behind what made him pass away at an age so young. Many say he self destructed, being a victim of self-doubt and prescription drug addiction. Reasons offered for his untimely death include anaphylactic shock due to allergy to codeine pills, polypharmacy (too much medication) or a sudden and massive heart attack. But, one thing that is agreed upon is that whether or not a drug played a direct part in his death, his addiction to medication had somewhere played a part in his demise.

Michael Jackson’s death too is becoming one in the Elves Presley mould. It is said that he collapsed in his room with his doctor beside him and did not respond to CPR. Over the past week or so, we have heard the terms ‘prescription drug abuse’ and ‘excessive medication’ over and over again in connection with Michael Jackson’s death. Doctors are testifying that he used to ask them for prescriptions to pain killers that he did not really need. All that resulted in his end, just as he was preparing for a comeback tour in a few weeks time. His physical condition at the time of his death was shocking according to autopsy reports.

Elves Presley and Michael Jackson died not by a sudden illness or accident. They were on the road to self destruction for a long time and it is shocking to think that people who knew so well for so long could do so little about it. It was as if the script had been written by someone to make us believe that history can indeed repeat itself, that destiny can have a signature of its own.

Death, ironically, immortalizes an artiste. Those who pass away in their prime are forever remembered as the best. Life exposes a person’s short comings, weaknesses, frailties and senility, death leaves only one lasting image. John Lennon, Bruce Lee, our beloved Rajiv Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln are men who are immortalized by death, as much as by their deeds to humanity.

Maybe, this was destiny’s way of immortalizing the man who taught the world to dance. ‘The King of Pop’ lives forever.

(By Sudhakar, with inputs from Arun.)

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