New boxer in the ring to replace Kamal

What with the monotony of saccharine sweet love stories and family dramas threaten to take over our senses in Kollywood, comes a welcome breeze, a trendsetter of sorts in the name of Sasi. If you had noticed of late, Sasi is flag-bearing a silent revolution, the one illustrating its presence rising above the world of mediocrity.

Very few took notice when Subramaniapuram released, but when it catapulted its way to super success it’s hard not to pay heed. With that born an inimitable talent, what others would profess as non-hero material with rugged looks and coarse demeanor, yet a hard-hitting one. Sure shot success is assured for people who manage to hit the bull’s eye with their creations, in other words, whose target is uncompromised. Sasi stands proof for this.

His directorial-acting debut in the unassuming Subramaniapuram went on to create box-office records, smashing the existing ones. The success, however, did not influence his decisions in future course of actions. If it was

the usual case scenario, Sasi would have been starring in a dozen Subramaniapuram look-alike movies. But he’s no average Joe. He produced Pasanga immediately after, hardly a commercial potboiler, to emphasize his versatility. Pasanga, directed by one of his allies Pandiraj, is one of the successful movies of the first quarter that has had a silent success for its beautiful treatment of sensitive issues and neat performances. Sasi’s latest Nadodigal is running full-houses where he plays a friend who epitomizes the word friendship. Nadodigal is on its way to record success.

A cursory look at Sashi’s career reveals a stark resemblance to, perhaps, Pandiyarajan or Parthiban’s. After their successful stint as Assistants to Bhagyaraj, they went on to create some memorable movies initially. Panidiarajan’s Aan Paavam, Manaivi Ready and Kanni Raasi showed promising potential. But his career fizzled out when success took over and he strayed into the world of mediocrity with movies that put a splotch on his CV. Ditto with Parthiban. Seran is another talent in the similar lines. However, he has certain limitations and his experiments, like Maya Kannadi, received lukewarm response proving his limits.

But hey, Sasi is not the one to limit himself inside the vicious circle of monotony. Here he is, with two acting successes on his CV in very little time, but his next venture is directorial in which he’s not starring. Like how obvious can his indifference to success be? That’s Sasi for you.

Ameer, in a recent interview, proudly announced that Sasi is a self-made talent while the others in the field have a strong fan-base. For instance - Surya, Ajith and Vijay. And Sasi’s popularity is growing day in and day out and it wouldn’t hurt to call him an all rounder.

So if you thought Sasi is reminiscent of Kamal’s earlier days in Tamil cinema, you are right. He’s. He’s redefining the world versatility in Tamil cinema and doing it in style, one step at a time. And I say it with such unfaltering conviction since I don’t see any competitor in sight for him.

Wish him luck!

(By Sudhakar, with inputs from Prathap.)

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