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Tamil Movie Review : Vallavan
A long way to go for director Simbu

Cast : Simbu, Reemasen, Nayanthara, Sandya

Language : Tamil

Music : Yuvanshankar raja

Director : Simbu

Production : Thaenappan

In Vallavan, Simbu follows his dad Vijaya T Rajendar in multitasking. In addition to direction, screen play and acting, he also sings. This film is meant to attract the young crowd. But the numerous double entendres and explicit romance sequence would aid in repelling the family audience.

Director Simbu
Director Simbu has worked over time for actor Simbu but has failed in the screen play department resulting in uneven narration. He has tried to propel the story forward by discussing morality with actor Simbu and then while trying to bring an unexpected twist to the story brings the age factor. To add more confusion, he has portrayed Reema as the villain of the peace and in the process his struggle to complete the climax is very evident.

The storyline or the lack of it
Sandhya as Suchi is Simbu’s school friend who happens to be his critic and well-wisher too. Reema Sen also his school-mate who is madly in love with Simbu. Later on during his college days, he meets Nayantara, the college lecturer and instantly falls in love with her.


But she happens to be three years older than him which proves to be the stumbling block in their relationship. Meanwhile Reema Sen who is obsessed with Simbu tries to get him at all costs, ends up in asylum. Simbu has tried to make a story line by linking a lot of irrelevant scenes but in vain.

Flashy and Gaudy Sets
Producer Thaenappan has bathed the film with money. Another film could be made on the amount spent on the ostentatious sets for songs and on the numerous junior artists. But it is too early to say if the producer would recover his money.

Editor’s day out
Editor Antony should have been extra vigilant as the film runs to almost 3 hours. Twenty minutes of the film could well be trimmed to enable a crispy narration.

Vulgar and Bawdy
The scenes involving Simbu and Nayan have been shot at suggestive angles. The raunchy movements of Reema Sen and Nayantara in ‘Ammadi Athadi’ song would beat item numbers hollow and dry. Decent folks can plug their ears when they listen to the dialogues spoken by Nayan’s friends. Balakumaran and Simbu can be credited (!) for such lewd dialogues which have never ever been spoken in any other film.

Makes one wonder, if censor folks were having their siesta while viewing Vallavan. There is no rhyme or reason for Simbu to ridicule Kamal, S J Suryah and Vijay style of dialogues.

Character portrayal of Nayantara is very baffling. Her equations on morality is really puzzling where she mentions age as the reason to jilt Simbu when all along she has been advocating her heart and soul only to Simbu.

Yuvan Shankar Raja shines in Loosu Penne and Vallva numbers which would make Simbu fans a very happy lot. Ammadi Athadi is a peppy number.

On a positive note, the glamorous quotient of three heroines along with music and the youth element can play to Vallavan’s advantage.

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