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  Rajini's Chandramukhi function on Oct 1
September 29, 2005

Chandramukhi has hit the box office and Rajini’s fans are exited over this. Rajini had already remarked that he will speak out after Chandramukhi proves to be a hit. Chandramukhi has crossed 170 days and 175 th day function celebration will be carried on in a grand scale by Sivaji films on Oct 1ST Rajini’s fans association wanted to celebrate it with vigorous pomp and

show but it was refused by Rajinikanth. He has restricted to 300 people of his fans association from the districts. His fans are disappointed, as there are many associations that are registered and some yet to be registered. Passes will be issued by him to attend the function. During Rajini’s Batsha function, his speech gave an immense effect to the entire nation and people thought he will enter politics but in vain. Now they are expecting him to talk something regarding politics during this function. All are eager and waiting what he is going to speak. Let us wait and see.

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