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Interview : Srikanth

He is the rising star in Kollywood with a reputation for versatility in the short career so far. A freewheeling interview with the hero follows.

Q: How was the experience of working with Fazil?

Srikanth: He is a great teacher. He has immense patience to teach and bring out the right expression from his actors. I learnt a lot from him. But there is so much more. Several actors like Karthik, Vijay have worked under him and honed their skills. It was indeed a fortunate opportunity. He has promised to do another film with me. It should fructify soon.

Q: You have quite a bagful of films.

Srikanth: Yes, Pambarakkannale is releasing soon. Parthi Bhaskar is the director. It will be a totally new attempt by me. The humour and action will be pleasant. Then, there is Uyir to be directed by Sami. He has worked as an associate of Cheran, Parthiban and S.A. Chandrasekaran. Director Shankar’s relative, R. Balaji is the producer. I play a guy searching for his roots after returning from years abroad. Shamrutha is the heroine.

Q: Your Kana kandein was appreciated well. Why did you celebrate the silver jubilee in a simple manner?

Srikanth: You see, such functions are held to motivate the crew. Because it also involves huge commitment of time and energy in organizing, we decided to celebrate in a simple manner due to paucity of time.

Q: You tried to do action role in Joot. You have not attempted a similar role again. Why?

Srikanth: I am crazy about action films. These films also have mass fan following. That is why I decided to do the role in Joot. I did work very hard. But the film did not do well. This made me do a rethink and I felt that I should first establish myself as a versatile actor. Then, I can shift to the action mode. As of now, I am interested in doing romantic comedy and earthy roles.

Q: You are working again with S.S. Stanley.

Srikanth: The venerable Nagi Reddy family is the producer of the film. Stanley was the director of my first film, April Madhathil. So, I am joining hands again in Mercuryppookkal. Meera Jasmine is the heroine. It will be romantic tale with excellent comedy.

Q: You seem to prefer working with known co-stars, Sneha, Sonia Agarwal and Meera Jasmine. Any special reason?

Srikanth: I have worked in three films with Sneha and two films with Sonia and starting on my second film with Meera. There is no special reason. The heroines are chosen based on the demands of the script. Also working with familiar co-stars makes the job easy for me.

Q: Any romantic affairs?

Srikanth: God, let me achieve a little more. As of now, I do not have the time for romance and marriage.(Grins)

Q: You wanted to do cosmetic surgery on your lips.

Srikanth: After I met with an accident, my lips became very protruding. I wanted to get the deformity rectified. But, I do not have the time right now. I will get it done soon.

Q: You are called, Ilaya thamizhan. What is the significance?

Srikanth: I was awarded this title in Madurai in the Amudhasurabi literary festival. At that time, I was working in Joot. Because the producers wanted to honor me, they included it in the title credits. Since everyone seemed to feel nice, the name has stuck.

Q: When will your Chaturangam be released?

Srikanth: I have finished my portions. It is a remarkable film. Director Karu. Pazhaniappan and cinematographer Diwakar have put their soul into the film. I have been receiving several appreciative phone calls after the trailer on television. I am eagerly awaiting the release as it will mark a milestone in my career.

Q: Do you like working in two-heroes projects?

Srikanth: Why not? I am only concerned about my character. If I come across a good story, I would definitely consider it even if there is another hero.

Q: You have turned a distributor. What is the motivation?

Srikanth: (smiles) I wish to do something different in my own field which is cinema. I heard that Oru naal oru kanavu had 100 prints for the opening run and that such a number was remarkable in the current scenario. Therefore, it gave me the confidence to launch into distribution of my films in the city of Chennai. That is one way of diversification of my interests in the industry.

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