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Review by : Gayathri Sarangarajan

Music Director : A. R. Rahman
Vocals : Shreya Ghoshal, Sukhwinder Singh, Rashid Ali ,Kylie Minogue, Suzanne D'Mello, Sonu Nigam ,Vijay Prakash, Neeraj Sridhar ,Blaaze, Raqeeb Alam, Sonu Kakkar, Jaspreet Singh, Neha Kakkar, Dilshad, Udit Narayan, Madhushree
Lyrics : Mayur Puri, Abbas Tyrewala, Rajat Arora, Sukhwinder Singh, Raqueeb Alam.

Bollywood’s first underwater action adventure movie , Blue has raised high expectations especially with music composed by Oscar award winner A. R. Rahman. Directed by Anthony D Souza, the story is about a lost treasure and three friends going undersea on a treasure hunt. The movie revolves with the concepts of friendship, love and betrayal.

There are eight songs in the movie and Kylie Minogue, famous Australian singer makes a special appearance in one of the songs.

Aaj Dil...
Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal, Sukhwinder Singh
Lyrics: Mayur Puri

The song begins with play of instruments which sets the right tone making you enjoy what your listening. A romantic number with a good voice combination of Sukhwinder and Shreya. However with two singers who can perform at high pitches with ease the song could have been better.

Bhoola Tujhe...
Vocals: Rashid Ali
Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala

The first minute of the song is only instrumental making you wonder if the vocals will ever begin. But once it begins you like the song. Rashid has given the right feel and expression. His voice has got a soul. Although the song is slow, the rhythm keeps it going. This number will surely hit the charts. One of typical Rahman’s songs where you tend to like the song after listening to it more than once.

Chiggy Wiggy...

Vocals: Kylie Minogue, Suzanne D'Mello, Sonu Nigam
Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala

Featuring Australian singer Kylie Minogue the song has already hit the charts. A first half of the song is completely in English reminding you of Bombay Dreams and you cheer up once you hear our Sonu’s voice adding flavor to the song. Sonu as his usual self has added the right husk in his voice, feel and cheer to the song. Music is catchy with western and Punjabi flavors thrown in. Youngsters are sure to say I want to Chiggy Wiggy with you…..


Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Neeraj Shridhar
Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala

Shreya Ghoshals voice has been put to right use in this song. Her high pitch is amazing giving the song a depth. The song suits the title and theme of the music as it sounds like made for Mission Impossible or a James Bond Movie. Although the song would be a little familiar to south Indian audiences who have listened to Rahman’s Chandralekha in Tamil. Sonu Nigam has matched Shreya’s voice very well. Making the combination a good one. The beats, keys and instruments add to the tone of the song giving it a very mysterious feel.

Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash, Neeraj Shridhar
Lyrics: Rajat Arora

A fast number that is also quite catchy. The only song that has so far made you want to tap your feet. This number will surely be famous with youngsters. The music is good and instruments add pep to the song.

Blue Theme...
Blaaze, Raqeeb Alam, Sonu Kakkar, Jaspreet Singh, Neha Kakkar, Dilshad
Lyrics: Sukhwinder Singh, Raqueeb Alam

A song that could hit the discs this year. The theme song of the movie, the music is good. The equalization and tone set with lots of sound effects makes the song interesting. The variation in the instruments, beats and only in this song the Rahman feel and factor is shown. Maybe the director has given Rahman a chance to give the kind of output he could. But Rahman is written all over this song with the drums, effects, keys and strings used…

Yaar Mila Tha...
Udit Narayan, Madhushree.
Lyrics: Abbas Tyrewala

A party song with a mix of Hindustani tunes. The beginning beats in the song reminds you of Mayya mayya in Guru. Different instruments used and in between the chorus gives it also a folky feel. Mixing of the song is good. There is a variation making the voice sound as if it is coming once from near and once from far. (right to left variation )


Certainly does not meet expectations of a Rahman fan. The magic that he delivered with Lagaan or Jodha Akbar or even Delhi 6 is missing. The songs sound commercial. One factor that always made music fans look up to Rahman was the variety in music and experiments like processing the voices. But in this movie songs sound normal. May be Rahman is saving his specials for better stories or other Oscars. A decent listening experience.
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