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Review by : Harish
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Ayesha Takia Azmi, Swini Khara.
Direction: Milind Ukey
Music: Hanif Sheikh
Production: Eros Entertainment, Paperdoll Entertainment
There are times when you come out of a theatre and you think why on earth does this story have to be told? or maybe why on earth should the story be told in that particular way? and after seeing Paathshaala you just feel a bit confused on which of the two it is. To set the record straight Paathshaala is neither Taare Zameen Par nor is it 3 idiots. The starting credits clippings did give us a feel that it might have some issues which 3 idiots dealt with but none were present.

The story is about schools becoming more commercialized, which seems to be a brilliant topic for a short film or documentary but definitely not a feature film. This painstakingly slow movie has not just gobbled up a heightened multiplex ticket price but also has stolen 2 hours of your precious life. The movie did start off on a
promising note, it had excellent music and the leads have given their best, but the movie is filled with clichés, melodrama and artificiality which make this a torturous experience. There are several stranded stories which were not finished like the love story of two high schoolers, The student who stands up for the right and gets, what happened to the student idols, Did the girl who had a crush on Shahid reveal it? did she give the gift that she intended to give? what was in it?, what happened to the guy who secretly loved the girl who had a crush on Shahid? ufff... too many plot lines and none ended. Clinical! isn’t it? The idea of not having a romantic angle with Shahid and Ayesha was a welcome decision. The Director Milind Ukey showed tremendous maturity handling stars but have not shown that much the entire movie through.

Technically the movie doesn’t boast of anything special, Mediocre cinematography by Basha Lal, haphazard editing, but the movie does boast of a good soundtrack, kudos to music director Hanif Sheikh who has also handled the BG and Lyrics. Art by Kishan leaves a lot to be desired. The school set looked fake from the very first frame and the open skies seen from the first floor classroom windows didn’t help either. The dialogues were fake and lacked punch except for the final dialogue from Nana Patekar.

The movie didn’t demand any stars as such and Nana Patekar except for the last few sequences was wasted but still an enthralling performance by the pro. Shahid and Ayesha act naturally and claims goodwill. Saurabh Shukla is impressive. Sushant Singh is expressive.

Overall a movie which is not worth a trip to the movie halls. It does try to talk about an important issue but the execution is just plain horrendous.

Verdict: Skip this school

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