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Review by : Abhijeet Vaishnav
Starring: Bipasha Basu, Maradona Robello, Daya Shankar Pandey, Mahesh Manjrekar, Lillete Dubey, Amit Purohit.
Direction: Sudipto Chotopadhya
Music: Raju Singh
Production: White Feather Art House Films
Sanjay Gupta is often known for his inventive stories and concept with movies like Woodstock Villa, Dus Kahaniyan and Kaante that has failed miserably at the box office most of the times. Yet again he takes the challenge to green lit a project that is innovatively disastrous.

The over utilization of art and experiential movies have led this to disaster where in the name of these, a film releases in theater which just whiskers away in a day or two. Pankh is a film, which goes out of the box to disturb your mind with it’s bizarre concept.

Pankh is a film about a boy who is confused about his sexuality due to his disturbed childhood. Jai, a boy, who grew up as a girl to meet the film industry requirements of a child actress. The mother forces Jai to become Jerry due to which Jai is confused about his actual gender and he is referred to as transsexual. This confusion carries
forward with his life when he grows up and his mom forces him to become a boy to act as an actor. Nandini(Bipasa Basu) is supposedly an angel who keeps entering into Jai’s life to make him realize what he is. Jai keeps trying hard to prove his sexuality that he is a man and have Bipasa in his life. Jai lands up in various troubles in his life because of this turbulence of thoughts where in he is repeatedly forced to think about his childhood. Jai tries hard to overcome this challenge and finds no solution to his problem.

The film genre belongs to art and drama where in there are several moments in the movie where in effective use of light and visuals are used to convey the dark messages in the film. This could have been backed up with some good script, which could have supported the film. It requires sheer talent of the audience to understand the movie and put their thoughts at place. It seems that the Director, Sudipto has made the film to satisfy his own desires rather than thinking about the people on the other side of dice. Instead of knowing what works and what not in the film industry seems to lack in the film makers head and thus there is wasting of resources and time of the audience. Pankh manages to show some grey moments like the lustful casting director and how parents force the kids to suit their demands. But this doesn’t prove the credibility of the film and what it intends to convey.

The characters did have a slight essence in the movie. Lillete Dubey plays the role of a screeching mom aptly. The acting by the debutante Amit Purohit is plain. Bipasa Basu with her devilish make up is humorously scary and her acting is not worth mentioning and her performance is disappointing. The cameo played by Mahesh Manjrekar is classy adding to some funny moments in the movie.

The screenplay drags throughout the movie and makes no sense. The dialogues add to further irritation with desperate attempt to use abusive language to make it look like an ‘A’ rated movie. The cinematography by Somak Mukherjee is ‘weird’. The patients’ suffering from spondylities will have some tough time watching this film as you have to tilt your head most of the time to watch a scene. Editing by Sanjib Datta and Bunty Nag is commendable esp. during the flashback. Effective use of VFX and lights has been used to describe a particular scene.

The background score and music by Raju Singh is very contemporary at a wrong place.

Pankh falls out of place and is a not a disaster, it’s a catastrophe and holds absolutely no credit for the audience and the critics to appreciate.

Verdict: ‘Pankh’ is not flying too high

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