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Review by : Harish
Starring: Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Shields, Nandana Sen.
Direction: Kookie V Gulati
Music: Sachin Gupta
Production: Tips Music Films
Prince has been in the news for more than 4 months now. Tips have left no stones unturned for this action extravaganza and its exceptional promotional plans have rightfully converted into houseful boards in almost all the theatres. But can ‘Prince’ do another ‘Dhoom’? Can this film about the perfect thief be able to garner enough mileage to propel a sequel?

First and foremost Prince is no ‘Bourne Identity’, the concept of it might have generated due to the Hollywood blockbuster but the similarity ends there. Prince is about a thief who wakes up with a bullet shot in his hand and no past memory. Within minutes into the movie we come to know that two sets of people are behind Prince who seems to have stolen an artifact which is worth billions. Prince has to find the artifact or else his life will be at danger. ‘Will he or wont he’ is then told in blast-a-minute, adrenalin pumping action fest. Forgot to mention, three hot girls who are ready to shed their cloths to woo Vivek Oberoi,
and make the task even more difficult for him to concentrate (and vise-versa for the audience in regard to the movie).

Kookie Gulati can surely make a movie with style but does miss out on the substance part. Mr. Kookie making Vivek look a little tired and sad wont make for emotional moments in the movie. Another sequence to quote, would be when the superhuman hero and his perfect sidekick of a heroine finds the artifact and lets out an emotional tear of joy only to be followed by a sexy hot song. Just when we think that Prince has too much of a Batman hangover, we see a big Batman poster in Prince’s hidden bunker below his house - Nice touch Mr. Gulati. The movie is filled with twists and turns which makes it difficult to classify the acts. But Act 1 and Act 2 filled with bike chases, diamond heist, spectacular jumps from buildings, helicopter chase, the booms and the bams, do leave you with a small headache yet a satisfaction of seeing a well crafted stunt extravaganza but the act 3 just goes a little overboard and leaves us with just the headache.

But technically the movie is rich, with brilliant cinematography, decent visual effects (great for Indian movie standards), exceptional lighting, brilliant background score, thundering sound effects, and some exceptional stunts. The editing is tacky with several abrupt cuts. The music by Sachin Gupta is of chartbuster quality but the songs do disrupt the flow of the movie most of the times.

Vivek Oberoi has talent and no once can question it after seeing his Company, Yuva and Saathiyaa, but bad choices of films have crippled his journey to stardom all these years. And with such a commercial movie and a sensational performance in it, this movie can become a well deserved ticket to stardom but he does look a little clumsy in the stunts.

Aruna Shields look ravishing but finds it hard to emote, and Neeru Singh has been wasted and used only as glamour doll. Sanjay Kapoor is impressive.

Overall it’s a movie only for adrenalin action buffs. If only the script and the story had more depth the impact would have been much more


Verdict: More Boom but no Dhoom

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