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Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Irfan Khan, Kangna Ranaut, Gulshan Grover, Sushant Singh
Direction: Mani Shankar
Music: Gourov Dasgupta
Production: Sohail Maklai

The season of multi-starrers continues in Bollywood with Knock Out being the latest to join the bandwagon. Knock Out is director Mani Sharma's fifth movie and has been produced by Sohail Maklai. Pinned with a lot of ho(y)pe, the movie got released as a direct competition to Priyadarshan's Aakrosh. OK! Let's get to the point.
  Knock Out

Investment banker Tony Khosla alias Bachchu (Irrfan Khan), who helps politicians in money laundering, is also a womanizer. He gets a phone call from an unknown caller (Sanjay Dutt) after he makes a call in a phone booth. He picks the call and life turns upside down for him. Hey isn't this the same as the Colin Farell starrer Phone Booth? Blatantly Yes! If Phone Booth was a terrific thriller, Knock Out is a terrible remake. It all starts with Irrfan's ridiculous wig.

Being forced not to hang the phone call, Irrfan is made to do confess his wrong-doings. Things get worse when Sanjay Dutt kills a man forcing Irrfan to come out of the booth. Enter Sushant, the police officer and Kangana Raut, who is more a detective than a reporter. And yes, she wears a tube top and stilettos! Irrfan does confess to the public and media about what he is and finally manages to do what Indian politicians can’t do. Confused?

This is a poorly directed film in every sense. When Mani Shankar has decided to do a remake, we wonder why he cannot stick to original. In fact, this effort of his glorifies the original even more. Even the phone booth looks out of place with a sophisticated look than made to be presented as an original. All the incidents happen within a phone call's duration. Sanjay Dutt escapes from a building through the elevator shaft, sets up base on another apartment, there are flashbacks and conversations with others. All in one phone call! What is the police officer doing in the movie? He just wants to look stylish. He is better in following Kangana's findings than having his own conviction.

The movie becomes so absurd that Irrfan is made to sing and dance during his confession drama. The climax gets even more comical with cops shooting the public upon orders from the politicians. A SWAT team, which is hell bent on killing Irrfan, cannot kill a single man in doubt. We are made to laugh our lungs out when Irrfan calls a random revenue department official and asks for his account number to transfer Rs. 32,000 crore of black money from a bank in Switzerland. And this is all done in the name of child welfare and India's future. Sigh!

Irrfan tries to imitate Colin Farell in the initial scenes but does a decent job overall. Sanjay Dutt fits the bill and so does Kangana, though the blunder in dressing up the journalist like a ramp model is quite evident. There are so many pauses in the movie and it is so evident that Irrfan wants to hang on to the phone because the director has said so. The flashbacks, the dialogues and the music do not warrant any special mention. The movie's title is only justified in the end when the title card says "We must Knock Out this (Black money) system from India". Wow!


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Thank goodness there are no songs in the movie.

Overall, Knock out is a farcical effort highlighting the director's intent to religiously make it 'desi'. It makes us wonder if our film industry is under serious threat for want of good scripts. When we are complaining about piracy and pirated DVDs why don't we ever discuss plagiarism?

Verdict: Stay away unless you really want to get knocked out!

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