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Review by : Harish V
Starring: Bobby Deol, Mugdha Godse, Sophia Handa
Direction: Rajeev Virani
Music: Ashu, Gourov Dasgupta
Production: M/s Rupali Aum Entertainment Pvt.Ltd

Horror genre is no stranger in Bollywood, and apart from a handful of movies like 13B, Raat or Bhoot very few try an original script. The very sight of the posters gave a small hint that the movie is a rehash of the horror flick ‘Unborn’ but the trailers did look promising and with the protagonist’s track record playing heavily on me I went into the dark
room hoping for the actor to have chosen wisely at least this time. And the answer after almost 2 hours is a weak affirmative nod.

Bobby Deol seems to be the most unlucky of the Deol’s, as this talented actor usually pays heavy for not selecting the right script. And now it has come to such a point that his latest movie is promoted heavily with a 3 film old actresses’ bikini pose and him being sidelined. So can Mugdha’s bikini bring in the audience? I should have asked the 15 odd people in the theatre about it but the movie had already started, so I kept quiet. Now let’s analyze if the movie does hold good.

The movie as suspected is a desi rehash of ‘Unborn’ but they have also included heavy dosage of ‘Mirrors’ too. The story is about a husband’s frantic attempt to save his wife from the clutches of an evil spirit which is behind her entire family. But why? And what happens next?

The movie is high on fear factor as there are several genuine scares which would make you sit up and the research and investigation part seems really interesting but unfortunately apart from that, the amateur direction ruins the fun. The screenplay is not to be blamed but the bad acting, amateurish dialogues, and too many repetitive scenes, sloppy editing and unnecessary flash montages make the ride a little discomfort-able. But at the same time many shots have been picturized stylishly, especially the disturbing yet very effective title montage. And the scary parts will make you jump up, something very hardly seen in Indian movies. The scares were genuine and not completely relying on the soundtrack. And as any Indian horror film the climax just doesn’t impress. Bobby Deol trying to battle the spirit with an iron rod is something you have to be in the theatre to enjoy, as I almost rolled over the floor laughing and for the fact that in the climax suddenly the spirit becomes an 80s zombie and walks at a .2 km per hour rate is something which is beyond my intellectual boundary.

The movie is supposed to be a Mugdha show but Bobby Deol takes most of the screen time and Both have come up with a below par performance. Mugdha looks real tired and Bobby Deol looks uninterested. The climax when Bobby Deol sees the ghost, instead of showing fear, keeps a face which I am trying to decipher the whole night with the help of the great book of emotions and I still couldn’t figure that out. Shreyas Talpade has a guest appearance and he neither disappoints nor does he impress. Sophia Handa was artificial and looked out of place. Jyoti Dogra was ok.

Technically the movie has a brilliant background score by Shutosh Pathak, an effective cinematography by Dhimant Vyas, sloppy editing and very bad dialogues. The special effects in a few scenes are brilliant.

Overall if you are looking for a movie which has its moments for horror fans but cine buffs would be quite disappointed as it’s a missed an opportunity of becoming the best Indian horror film in recent years. It’s like entering a scary house ride; you do get scared many times but overall you do get a feeling that they missed out something.

Verdict – Scream worthy but not clap worthy

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