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Starring: Mammootty, Arjun, Sneha, Nassar, Atul Kulkarni.
Direction: T Aravind
Music: D.Imman
Production: Henry

Vandae Maatharam has been in the news for a long time now because the film has Mammootty and Arjun in lead roles along with a huge array of actors in supporting roles. That's not it. Directed by Aravind, the movie is produced by Henry who has given us gems like Marumalarchi and Bharathi Kannamma.
  Vandae Maatharam

With all the right ingredients, it is imperative that the movie connects with the audience. It is not a tough job to assume the movie's genre especially with Arjun in the lead. There were so many patriotic movies that we have seen. A few movies hit the right chord and a few missed the mark completely. The plot in most patriotic movies is almost the same but it is only the treatment that separates good movies from the rest. How does Vandae Maatharam fare?

Mammotty and Arjun are IPS officers. Mammooty is the chief of the Special Investigation branch while Arjun is his confidant. The movie opens with Nasser, the country's Prime Minister, calling for an All India meet to discuss the country's current state of hunger and the importance of the integration of National Rivers for better supply of water for agriculture. He also sets a date for inauguration of the plan in Kanyakumari. This news is not welcomed by a terrorist organization which plans to thwart the idea by killing the PM and all those present in the function with the help of a bomb.

As is always the case, a terrorist sneaks his way into India and starts to plan for D-day with his allies who are already settled here. Mammootty and Arjun are given the responsibility of hunting down the terrorist. Though they manage to track the terrorist down, the masterminds in Pakistan still communicate through hereditary means. When all is going to end, the cops finally manage to foil all the attempts made by terrorists and save the country.

What you have just read may sound clichéd and give you a sense of déjà vu. But Vandae Maatharam works. As said earlier, the treatment is what separates good movies from the rest and this movie definitely differs from the rest. T. Aravind does warrant a pat on the back for his screenplay which works for most parts of the movie. Special mention should be made for Aravind's efforts in making the investigation scenes as realistic as possible. It surely gets a wow from the audience when Mammootty, Jai Akash and Arjun track every step of the terrorist by unusual ways. The scenes are intelligent and definitely interesting which is a must for a thriller like this.

When things just become normal, Aravind brings in a very strange method when the terrorists want to communicate within themselves that will surely make you sit on the edge of the seat. The scene where Mammootty and team, with the help of Sneha, try to bring out the truth from the terrorist by showing him in a totally different makeover is the master-stroke of the movie. Good Job.

The film does have its minus points. One does not feel the need to have a couple of item numbers in the movie. The songs definitely break the movie's rhythm. The stunts and the chasing sequences have been handled well but the climax action sequence is a let-down. This particular action part is poor, amateurish at best. Too many gun shots spoil the originality maintained thus far.

The film has veterans like Mammooty, the ever-patriotic Arjun, Sneha, Nasser, Atul Kulkarni, Jai Akash and many others. Each actor fit into their roles well and does a great job. Sneha, as a pilot, has been offered a small role this time around. Special mention has to be made to the character sketch of the terrorist. His mannerisms and under-played acting is a big plus to the movie.

D. Imman's music is good and the re-recording is inspiring at times. The director has chosen an apt title for the movie, after a long time, as we get really emotional and patriotic watching the movie. Vandae Maatharam is a good movie which could have been better if it had been fine-tuned a little.

Verdict: Patriotic. Must-watch for those who like intelligent thriller movies.

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