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Starring: Arya, Nayanthara, Santhanam.
Direction: Rajesh
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: K.S.Srinivasan

You know what to expect when there is the firecracker Santhanam and the rather unsuspectingly coy looking Arya in the scheme of things. Absolute time pass without a doubt. Riding high on his SMS feat (or so he assumes since the promos of Boss… had highlighted his earlier movie so as to give Boss the required push), Boss must have been a piece of cake for
  Boss Engira Baskaran
director Rajesh. He keeps his promise - comical relief - and the rest of the movie’s features, other than the dialogues, are really of insignificant nature, which could prove to be a toss-up.

A good start is half the job done and Rajesh seems to have concentrated real hard on the dialogues. As a result, the hollow screenplay is tactfully saved from plunging into the depths of action-less monotony. Although the movie stretches itself without any effort by the sheer success of the dialogues, Santhanam’s spontaneity stands out in the process and it renders the movie a definite thrust.

Arya is an innocuous young man who is also spoilt. He’s not loose cannon but thanks to his mother’s unhindered love, he slacks in his studies reappearing in exams after arrear exams without any demonstrated success. His brother, played by Subbu Panju - Panju Arunachalam’s son, earns enough to run the family and hence Arya needs only half a reason to take advantage of the situation. He eventually falls for the cupid’s bait and falls hook, line and sinker for Nayan – sister of his newly married brother’s wife.

But to ask Nayan’s hand in marriage, he needs to prove himself in life. So begins Arya’s journey for the greater good – his own wedding.

As is evident from the storyline, the movie has no scope for interesting twists to keep the viewer engaged for the most part. So the deficit is compensated in the name of dialogues and interesting comical sequences. Sample this: Arya walks out of his home after being reprimanded by his brother. It rains outside and while Arya walks away, his brother brings an umbrella. Arya, in the hope that his brother is coming to get him home, refuses to go home. On the other hand, his brother tells him, “Don’t come back home for the lack of an umbrella. Here it is.” Scenes like this do work and keep the narrative from sagging.

The smoky eyed Arya is at ease with himself and if not for his recurrent toothy smile, he risks looking doped. The once exuberant Nayan looks overworked and dead beat. But she makes it up in the song sequences, particularly in the songs Yaar Antha Penthan and Mama Mama. Speaking of which, Yuvan’s those two songs stand out while the rest are passé.

Santhanam is a riot and if there’s a full paisa vasool feeling after you watch this movie, attribute it to him. His wisecracks, one-liners with and without intended puns and the constant ‘Nanbenda’ are takeaways in what would have otherwise been a bland fare of mushy romance. Not many jokes in this fare fall flat, which shows the good writing.

Director Rajesh might just pull it off this time too because he’s got everything right for a comic caper. He also efficiently camouflages the saggy little portions in both the halves of his movie with crisply written dialogues. Perfect for a weekend in which you decide not to give your brain much work.

Verdict – Comedy is the boss!

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