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Review by : Harish
Starring: Rohit Roy, Tanushree Datta, Neetu Chandra, Anupam Kher, Bobby Darling, Mushtaq Khan, Nassar Abdulla
Direction: Jagmohan Mundhra
Music: Bappi Lahiri
Production: Magna Films
'Single white female' the Hollywood thriller gets remade after almost 2 decades. The rebooted version by Jug Mundra, the famous erotic film director is supposedly a crime-erotic thriller but ends up being a horror for all those who was brave enough to pay money to watch this movie, though the much talked about bathing scene of Neetu Chandra would have made many to take a plunge.

Quite frankly the movie was too predictable to be branded a thriller and too less a skin show to become erotic too. Apart from the bathing scene, a not so revealing sex scene and a crass item song, the movie had nothing much too hoot about by the front benchers. Maybe the movie with a title as 'Jawani ki rang' or 'Apartment mae do Ladki' could have brought in more B and C
audience but with such an A centre Movie title, the movie might well be welcomed with empty theatres across the nation. The last few scenes did remind me the Tamil hit movie 'Kaadhal Kondain', but that’s just me.

The story is about Preeti (Tanushree Dutta) who suspects her boyfriend, Karan (Rohit) to be cheating on him and breaks up with him. And as Karan and Preeti were in a live-in relationship she had to find a new roommate to handle the rent. She finds Neha (Neetu), an innocent orphan who makes Preeti's life very easy. But Neha is no ordinary woman as she is suffering from schizophrenia. There is this friendly neighbour Madhusudan (Anupam Kher) who suspects Neha. So what happens next? Can u predict? Of course you can, that’s the story of 'The Apartment'.

The entire movie has a period effect to it. Maybe they have shot a decade ago, maybe the movie would have found takers a decade ago, but not now. The movie has a fast paced first half and a too predictable and clichéd second half. And sometimes we just want to ask Mr. Mundra why he takes the audience for granted time and again? He thinks in a single scene if the protagonist's hair becomes shorter and longer and then shorter again we wouldn’t notice? A police officer who comes to investigate a murder, stands at the doorstep asks for the suspect and when he gets an answer that the suspect is yet to come home he will decide to go off asking him to report back when the suspect does, is ridiculous. There are many such problems all over the movie which does account to intentional humour.

Technically the movie is brilliant to 90s standards but this is no 90s. Cinematography by Uday Tiwari looks lame and tired. Editing by Mr. Mundra himself has loads of jump cuts and has no proper flow. Lot of continuation problem also makes the viewing even more difficult. Music by Bappi Lahiri is a complete let down. Background score being the only area where the movie gets a pat but only BG cannot decide the fate of a movie, can it?

Acting wise the movie does get a positive response with Neetu Chandra continuing her superb form and comes up with a good act. Her erotic scenes does help in upping the temperature, with the famous bathing scene getting some seeti's from the few viewers at the theatres. Tanushree Dutta acts confidently and has improved a lot from her early days. Rohit Roy is good but not great. Anupam Kher acts as per the requirement. The rest of the cast overacts their small roles.

Overall a movie which would not be recommended by us to pay the high multiplex fee to watch. But maybe an ok watch if you have not seen the original or any other relationship based thrillers.

Verdict: The Apartment is Vacant in the complete sense

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