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Review by : Harish
Starring: Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Neeru Singh, Anu Ansari, Ashwini Kalsekar, Ganesh Yadav, Zakir Hussain, Vikas Srivastav, Jeeva, Amit Sadh, Rahul Pendkalkar
Direction: Milind Gadagkar
Music: Rahul Pandirkar
Production: Sarthak Movies,
ZED 3 Pictures Production
Welcome to the world of Ram Gopal Verma where every non-living and immovable objects in and around your house is as scary as the ghost itself. Phoonk was a surprise hit 2 years ago but it scared you only in bits and pieces but overall a big disappointment. Phoonk 2 comes with a tag 'The First was a Warning' – was that a sign for the audience to decipher? Indians, said to have one of the worst memory when it comes to entertainment material, would anyone care? I surely hope they wouldn’t, as Milind Gadagkar has come up with a movie which is far better than its predecessor.

As the camera flaunts carelessly through the 3 bedroom bungalow we are not just hooked to the seats but also on the edge of it trying hard to see through the gaps of our fingers the exploits of a demented soul. Milind has used every single
Hollywood cliché and it gets rather predictable after a point, like when the most scared person walking across the bungalow alone at night, or when the children don’t care about the signs and enter a jungle, the mirror effect and the late reaction from the hero, A couple who are there only to increase the sex-appeal and to increase the death rate, so on and so forth. But what captivates in this one hour fifty minutes flick is that the director has brilliantly set the eerie environment and also has upped the helplessness quotient to the extreme and all we can do is pray for the protagonist to somehow bring the situation under control.

Logic surely does take a beating in Indian horror movies and this is no exception. The movie ends abruptly or actually without the end of the soul, as the protagonist has just destroyed the carrier and not the ghost. With such a horrifying past no one would even think of living in an uninhabited place next to a jungle. But again the scary scenes just out-number the flaws and we can let go as we have done for many Indian horror movies in the past. Milind Gadagkar screenplay takes some time to unravel but once it does it moves at a fast pace which is praiseworthy as he thankfully doesn’t lose focus. If the doll was a little more mechanised except for turning its head, it would have increased the impact manifold.

With some terrifying camera work by Charles Meher who with ease moves in and out the bungalow and flies above it to frighten you as well. Brilliant work! Background music needs more punch as Rahul Pandirkar could have played even more to scare you in the first half but he comes to form only in the second. Vinod Chliparambil and Radhey Lalsa's editing needs more touching up to do. The effects could have been better.

Sudeep continues from where he left off and has done a pretty good work at it, Amrutha Khanvikar impresses with her antics. Ahsaas Channa over does her part. Neeru Singh brings in the glamour quotient, and even though the movie didn’t need it no one seems to complain. Others in the cast hardly impress to get noticed.

The movie does suffer from clichés and low production value but it scores high in showing the turmoil of a helpless father. Phoonk 2 is a decent horror movie, after maybe RGV's 'Kaun' a Hindi horror movie which tries to frighten you by stressing helplessness.

Verdict: ...................... BOO!

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