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Review by : Harish V
Starring: Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Danny Denzongpa.
Direction: Suparn Verma
Music: Shamir Tandon, Manasi Scott, Gourov Dasgupta, Bappa Lahiri, Ranjit Barot.
Production: White Feather Films.
Take an average Canadian thriller to remake, what all can you possibly add to it to ruin the experience completely? Add a director (Supern Verma) whose first movie was a damp squib, and garnish it with actors who only in an imaginary world can call what they do as acting. What do you get? Acid Factory of course!

Another stylish White Feather production remake has hit the theatre this week. Except for Kaante and Zinda which were bearable, others proved to be a torture. This desi version of an unknown Canadian movie rightly titled 'Unknown' is a semi-bearable movie which is ruined by fantastically horrendous casting coup. The casting in-charge will soon be the most sought after person by the minority who end up in theatres watching this movie.

The story is about five people who get up in an acid factory with severe wounds and temporary memory-loss trying to figure out why they are in that factory. A call which comes from Irfan clears the air a little bit and they figure out that its a kidnap plan and two of them are the ones kidnapped
  Acid Factory
and the rest are the kidnappers but they have no idea to differentiate the good people from the bad. On a similar track, Fardeen's past is shown which shows him to be an undercover police officer. Will everyone figure out which side of justice does each belong to? Will Fardeen save the day? If you so desperately want to know the answer for these obvious questions go to the theatre.

Supern Verma is a talented screenplay writer and has the capacity to make the difference too as some of the scenes demonstrate. Examples are the car chase sequence involving Irrfan or the first action scene when Fardeen takes over a truck.. But his amateurishness comes to fore in many scenes thereafter, like the introduction of Dia Mirza, the way Manoj Bajpai and Fardeen evade the police when the truck goes in flames which incidentally make us believe that the whole truck was made of TNT.

But like in any White Feather production, Cinematography by Sahil Kapoor is of high order and so is the music and background music, but the visual effects were tacky at places. Action by Tinu Verma is grand. Bunty Nagi's editing is crisp Costumes look very stylish.

Fardeen Khan who is the protagonist of the movie looks very stylish but he needs to work more on his histrionics. Irrfan Khan is a mis-cast but still carries of his job with aplomb. Manoj Bajpai does the usual mad character with sincerity, Danny Denzongpa looks uninterested, Aftab Shivdasani, Dino Morea and Dia Mirza look like a joke in a role which doesn't suit them at all. Gulshan Grover and Neha just show their head occasionally.

Overall, a remake of a decent movie gone bad due to the actors. If you are planning to spend your hard earned money in the multiplexes please keep this as your last option.

Verdict: Not for the Weak and normal Hearted

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