Yennamo Yedho (aka) Ennamo Edho songs review


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Album Release Date : Jan 17,2014
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Production: P.V Prasad, Ravi Kumar
Cast: Azhagam Perumal , Gautham Karthik, Madhan Babu, Manobala, Nikisha , Prabhu, Rakul Preet Singh
Direction: Ravi Thiyagarajan
Screenplay: Ravi Thiyagarajan
Story: Ravi Thiyagarajan
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman

Debutant director Ravi Thyagarjan’s Yennamo Yedho is the official remake of the superhit Telugu rom-com Ala Modalaindi. The film stars Gautham Karthik, Rakul Preet Singh, Nikeesha Patel along with others. Music is by D.Imman and all songs have been penned by Madan Karky. The soundtrack has 5 songs, an instrumental and 2 karaoke tracks.

Neeyenna Periya Appatakkara?
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Harshitha Krishnan
Lyrics: Madan Karky

The track features nice layers of instruments below the strong vocals. The orchestration is interesting with a homegrown rhythm arrangement meeting jazz overtones and the way the song is structured and packaged with big band horn sections. Both Anirudh and Harshita are excellent in a very laid back irreverent way.

Shut Up Your Mouth
Singers: Deepak, Shruti Haasan
Lyrics: Madan Karky

A cool reggaeton dance beat backed tune featuring the now trademark Imman string section. While the verses seem to take itself too seriously with a barrage of orchestrational elements, the chorus appeals instantly with its easy going nature. Starring another celebrity singer, Shruthi Haasan, the song extracts a full range of performance from her.

Muttaalaai Muttaalaai
Singers: D Imman, Maria Roe Vincent
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Imman pulls out another one from his bag of tender melodies, ones which could easily find a place in any of his albums, and decidedly garnishes it with a digital groove to give the track its own identity. For someone who’s been prolific with rustic sounds off late, this treatment certainly shows the composer enthusiastically looking to make a mark with different styles.

Mosale Moosale
Singers: A V Pooja, Deepak
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Fancy fretwork open up the Suddha Dhanyasi based track to feature two very fine vocal performances from Deepak and Pooja. Again, Imman is impressive with his percussion arrangements and he also provides room for several other instrumentals to make an impression. The nadhaswaram in particular spikes up the energy levels both during the songs opening stages and finally as it closes down shape-shifting into a swing-time jam.

Puthiya Ulagai
Singers: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics: Madan Karky

Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is presented with an opportunity to shine in what is essentially Imman’s home turf - yet another beautiful melody in the Harmonic minor scale with delicate instrumentation. Vijayalakshmi’s voice will certainly stand out from the crowd for its unique tone. Madan Karky offers a different perspective on the subject of personal loss with his verses.

Muttaalaai Muttaalaai (Instrumental)
Singers: Instrumental

Violinst Karthik Iyer takes the lead in the instrumental version of the Imman sung tune. The tone of his instrument compliments the western styled orchestration aided by nifty delays and packaging.

Verdict: Imman shows confidence and charm with a new sound.
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Yennamo Yedho (aka) Ennamo Edho

Yennamo Yedho (aka) Ennamo Edho is a Tamil movie with production by P.V Prasad, Ravi Kumar, direction by Ravi Thiyagarajan. The cast of Yennamo Yedho (aka) Ennamo Edho includes Azhagam Perumal , Gautham Karthik, Madhan Babu, Manobala, Nikisha , Prabhu, Rakul Preet Singh.