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Production: Sivakarthikeyan Productions Cast: Bhanu, Diva, Pradeep, Yathra Direction: Arun Prabu Purushothaman Story: Arun Prabu Purushothaman Music: Pradeep Kumar Cinematography: Shelley Calist Editing: Raymond Derrick Crasta Art direction: Sree Ram Stunt choreography: Dhilip Subbarayan Distribution: SonyLiv

The movie 'Vaazhl' definitely has some huge expectations, thanks to the director's much-appreciated debut film “Aruvi”. Pradeep Kumar proves yet again that he is one of the most gifted musicians in the country today with a solid 9-track album. He shows that music is just not about sounds but about a sound sense of music and irrespective of it is received this is one phenomenal project by him.

1. Aahaa

Pradeep Kumar here just weaves magic in a very different but sure-shot melody.  I call it different because it might not comply with the usual rules of a song and its parts. It reminds me of that great number from Sillu Karuppatti that he composed last year. Here he not just composes and sings but also writes the lyrics. The track is like your companion in solitude and can only be experienced when you hear it with your full attention. Gowri Shankar and Ms Krsna are on the guitars and it delivers a feeling of R&B with the harmony and percussions by Tapass Naresh. Can we just hand it out to Pradeep for using the complex and unique instrument Theremin and the global expert Carolina Eyck has played it here in this song. At least 11 different musicians and instruments have been used from an orchestra here and Pradeep’s wife and singer Kalyani Nair arranges it all. The track is mixed and mastered by Rahul Ramachandran

2. Mudhal Dharisanam

This track is all about the Nadaswaram played by Mylai M Karthikeyan and he just was involved with a fabulous number called Vidhudhalai (Freedom) as a part of an EP called Manam by singer/composer Rohith Jayaraman. He is now the protagonist for this track and it has a lot of influences of the Maand Raagam in Carnatic music. V Prashant plays the Tavil, while Aarvay is the one doing the Konnakol. The acoustic guitar by Pradeep himself acts like a bridge/interlude to westernize things a bit in this otherwise traditional and folk-sounding track. All additional percussions we hear are played by Ramku. The male harmony clinches the heart and is sung by Pradeep, Bharath Shankar and Shahid Hameed, and it slowly fades away into thin air with only the Nadaswaram and Konnakol lasting.

3. How To Feel

Thenisai Thendral Deva is on a comeback trail and he has now sung for two top-notch musicians in Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep Kumar now. People who grew up in the 1990s in Tamil Nadu will know that Deva was like the next best thing to Maestro Ilaiyaraja and the rate at which he came up with scores was almost at an unbelievable frequency. To this day no one can match the quality of his tracks in the “Gaana” genre and it sounded pulsating when he sang it. This track is more on the softer tenor and sounds like a song sung by Tamil cinemas yesteryear comedian Chandrababu on the great philosophies of life like “Buddhiyulla manithar ellam”. The track also evokes memories of “Ey Sandkara” from Irudhi Sutru thanks to the strings section and it is the Cincinnati Orchestra involved here. Arun Prabhu Purushothaman has written some interesting lines for Deva here. Satish Raghunathan plays the Harmonium and also does all the orchestral arrangements. The terrific accompaniment on the bass guitar is by Pradeep with M.S.Yeshwanth playing the keys. Tapass Naresh again enchants you with his creative drums-playing. TT Sriram has played the electric guitar and Rahul Ramachandran has performed the drums recording.

4. Inba Visai

Retro music is always fun and it brings out the skill of the composers, musicians and vocalists especially who can try and sound and imitate the sounds of those years. In this track it is all about Lalita Vijaykumar who excels at her vocal delivery and Pradeep Kumar accompanies her. The lyrics have a similarity to simpler times back in the 1960s and we have to thank Arun Prabhu Purushotaman for those thoughtful lyrics. The Tabla and Dholki are the stand-out percussion instruments and they are played by Ganapathi, Venkat, Kiran and Sruthi. Allwyn Jeya Paul plays the Latin percussions.

5. Pudhu Vidha Anubavam

Well the title means, a new type of feeling or experience, and that is precisely what you get when you hear this outstanding track and to me this is the best from the album. Pradeep and Kalyani are the lead vocalists and it makes you wonder why the latter has so few opportunities to sing these days! The track is somehow a cross-breed of an Ilaiyaraja and AR Rahman creation with the opening lines definitely sounding like the formers work. The guitars are strong yet soothing and remind me of “Poove Sempoove” and we have some absolute stalwarts playing them like MS Krsna, Pradeep, Susha and Gowrishankar. Nikhilram plays the flute solo at the interlude and there are more instruments accompanying from the brass section of the Cincinnati Orchestra. The stanza is short and when the midway mark is reached, the flute solo has elements sounding like the Mozart of Madras would have arranged say from the songs of ‘Rangeela’ like “Tanha Tanha”. This is in no way taking any credit away from Pradeep Kumar who is a rare gem in the Indian music space today and such work can only come from his repertoire. A vast group comprising of Ganapathi, Venkat, Kiran and Sruthi once again plays the Tabla. Muthamil and Arun prabhu have combined to pen the lyrics for the track.

6. Semman Magalai

This track is completely owned by Pradeep as it has original texts from Kandhar Anuboothi by Arunagiri Nathar that are being reproduced set to tune by Pradeep and sung by the man himself.  The influence of Kaapi raagam can be observed at various instances and it is one soulful melody handled delicately with the pluck of the guitars by Pradeep himself. Carolina Eyck plays the Theremin with the harmony and this eerie sound ends with a connection to “Aaahaa” the track. Shahid Hameed and Bharath Shankar providing backup on male vocals and Kalyani Nai, Susha and Vidhya Vijay provide the backup on female vocals.

7. Vaazha Vaa

Pradeep works together with his old friend and fellow composer/singer Radar With a K based in the US. The song opens with a slide guitar and Pradeep plays this, and MS Krsna plays the acoustic guitars in the track along with Pradeep.  Keys by M.S. Yeshwanth and Marti Bharath are quite pivotal in the track as they provide a skeletal like background to the structure of the track. Jhanu Chanthar intervenes with his electric guitar and this whole arrangement almost feels like an instrumental piece rather than a track with vocals. Pradeep’s singing is par excellence and the two singers combine well especially when the notes land down in “nee vizhavo” is fabulous. Arun Prabhu Purushotaman is the lyricist.

8. Vaazhl Theme

The theme music is phenomenal and reflects the overall quality of the sound-track, but here the composer and arranger is Kalyani Nair, kudos to her and live performers of the Cincinnati Orchestra. The brass section takes the lead with Trumpets, Trombones, Clarinets, Bassoon, Oboe and the Flute, but almost entirely supported in the background by the strings section comprising of Violins, Viola, Cello and Bass. It sounds grand and feels like Pradeep and Kalyani have truly struck gold here with a magnum opus of sorts. The whole symphony reminds me of the OST of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” composed by Ennio Morricone. In the end we hear a male voice choir of Pradeep, Shahid Hameed and Bharath Sankar and female choir of Kalyani, Susha ad Vidhya Vijay.

9. Naan

The final track of this album is Naan composed, written and sung by Pradeep Kumar accompanied by Bharath Sankar on percussions and guitars played by Pradeep himself. This is just a simple track, which is given a direction by vocals. The depth of Pradeeps voice holds our attention and the splendid Accordion and guitars almost transport us to an European nation witnessing some talented street musicans.

Verdict: Vaazhl - Mesmerizing bunch of tracks that flows like one unending symphonious waterfall.


3 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )



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Vaazhl (aka) Vaazh

Vaazhl (aka) Vaazh is a Tamil movie with production by Sivakarthikeyan Productions, direction by Arun Prabu Purushothaman, cinematography by Shelley Calist, editing by Raymond Derrick Crasta. The cast of Vaazhl (aka) Vaazh includes Bhanu, Diva, Pradeep, Yathra.