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Production: V Creations Cast: Dhanush, Rajisha Vijayan Direction: Mari Selvaraj Music: Santosh Narayanan

Kanda Vara Sollunga  
Singers: Santhosh Narayanan, Kidakkuzhi Mariyammal
Lyrics: Mari Selvaraj

He proves yet again that he is one of the best composers in Tamil Nadu. Santhosh Narayanan a.k.a. SaNa delivers a total masterpiece of a track in Karnan’s first single, and the moment you hear Kidakkuzhi Mariyamma’s soaring voice you know, it is one to top the charts. The movie has already created soaring expectations and why wouldn’t it when we have Mari Selvaraj, Dhanush and SaNa coming together.  The use of the folk percussion by SaNa is outstanding and this combined with the background synth music programmed by the composer and his own low-pitched singing, is all just awe-inspiring.  Pappambadi Periya Melam Jama Munusami Kuzhu deserves the credit for the awesome beats that are not repetitive even once. They change the style and get creative at every break once Mariyamma finishes singing the opening title line. Mariyamma is definitely a find and the way she uses vibrato at such higher scales reminds us of what the great man Sirgazhi Govindrajan used to do with his vocals. The video of this track is the icing on the cake and makes things doubly good. Mari himself has penned the superb lyrics that slowly raise the excitement level at every break, creating an even bigger hype as to what will be said about Karnan next. Finally, you can feel a mix of enhanced emotions when she sings "Kavasathaiyum kandathulla, oru kundalamum koodayilla". Navneeth Sundar has innovatively used the Geoshred Sarangi. Sai Shravanam is the man behind the mixing and the mastering, while Meenakshi Santhosh is the music coordinator.

Manjanathi Puranam  
Singers: Deva, Reetha Anthony
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

First of all, a big kudos to the Karnan team for having changed the title of this track and having completely redone the audio, after there were some controversies over the previous title. This is folk music at its absolute best and devoid of any adulteration. The Nadaswaram starts off with Marungan and Haridas whom Santhosh calls as the best he has worked with. The sound of the rural percussion immediately transports us to some interior part of Tamil Nadu and Santhosh has enlisted a massive array of trained musicians here to create the perfect sound and effect. The Ramanathapuram Marungan Melam team is in full flow, with the Pambai played by Pazhani and Janardhan, Mohanbabu on Thalam and Kathirvel on the Urumi, and finally Rajakumar, Arulpandi and Hemanandhan on the Thavil. Credit must go to Santhosh for providing an opportunity to these talented musicians who otherwise have no scope for exposure. The vocalist is a legend and for those of us who grew up in TN, call us the 90s kids or whatever, but there can be no match to 'Thenisai Thendral' Deva when it comes to creating and singing gana style of songs. Just a month ago, he sang for Pradeep Kumar and now, he lands a song right down his alley and shows he is still potent to deliver a song like this with such rustic allegiance in his vocals. Reetha Anthony plays a superb cameo when she comes on and sings "ye podu podu" and you can't help but get your feet tapping for this. They say that the singer is the one who finally lends a song its heartbeat and you get a pinch of what the character feels when Deva sings "Cholera nnu vandha noyi". Listen to that Midi Saxophone that adds to the gloom with the synth in the deeper layer. The track halts for a bit and progresses into a faster tempo because ultimately death is not the end of the road, and a funeral is a celebration of a life lived. Sai Shravanam has done the mixing, mastering and recording with coordination by Meenakshi Santhosh. Naveen is the bassist and Joseph Vijay is on the guitar. Yugabharathi, take a bow for these heart-rending words that sound like a folk eulogy in poetry.

Thattan Thattan  
Singers: Dhanush, Meenakshi Ilaiyaraaja
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

This track is one that reminds us of the heydays when a certain genius called Ilaiyaraja used to compose rural melodies with unbelievable ease and the people would need no better lullaby or gospel to live their mundane humdrum of a life. There have been a few who have come and gone, but Santhosh has exhibited quite often that he can at least do justice to that genre. This track is right up there with one of his best, and the guitar in the second layer within the first few lines fills our heart with joy and the praises can only be showered on Naveen on the bass and Joseph on the guitar. Dhanush has been singing recently for many musicians these days but I am sure he will swear that this has to be his strongest and most legitimate vocal outing yet. The second time he sings the opening lines, we have the flute now playing in the second layer by Sathish and the heart takes flight. The first interlude is beautifully arranged with a Kottankuchi Cocolin, something we have all forgotten for many years and we feel nostalgia viewing old village films and listening to "Thevar Magan" and so on. Amalraj plays it with perfection followed by a female backing vocal. Santhosh himself plays the pianica before the charanam starts and here Dhanush exhibits even better skills and when he sings "Senthanala Nenjirukka", we wish the lines were repeated just one more time , because the notes here are just stunning. The second interlude is a vocal intervention by Meenakshi Elayaraja who inspires you with her words "Jeichidu Kannu" and the coarse tone of her voice is further motivation. The second charanam is different from the first and this is another reason this track challenges "Kanda vara sollunga" as the album’s best. 'Kalaimamani' Sai Shravanam has done the mixing and the mastering and he also is incidentally the first sound-recordist to earn that title recently, and it is once again Yugabharathi's golden words at play here as there is a subtle rebellion even in a love song here.

Uttradheenga Yeppov 
Singers: Dhee, Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Mari Selvaraj

This is the one track that stands out from the rest just like "Naan Yaar" in Pariyerum Perumal. Against a total rural setting this has more of an EDM style with modern and techno sounds. Riding on the uber-successful wave of 'Enjoy Enjaami', Dhee makes a return with vocals and a full-length appearance in the song's original video. Just when you assume something, Santhosh brings the rabbit out of the hat, as the tempo drops, the percussion style changes and it is back to a folk number. Dhee is absolutely on song literally here as she easily sways from technically tough vibrato to a powerful slow rap. The song is written by Mari Selvaraj and is a call to unite and not give up the fight and the lines are almost egging you on especially with Santhosh almost pleading you to "Stay on" and asking "Uttradheenga" with his vocals.  It is interesting as one could debate as to whether these are lines asking the central characters to "not give up their rights" or "not let the villain/evil escape from our clutches". The statue of a man in handcuffs and even Dhee, probably answers that. Sandy Master has done a fabulous job with the choreography, especially watch out for the ones where the kids dance in a handcuffed position.

Karnan Purappadu (Instrumental)

This musical piece was released 8 months ago when we had the first look teaser of "Karnan". This was the music video showcasing the sets of the movie and released on Dhanush's birthday. It straightway takes to the rural setting with a vast array of Nadaswaram playing and it has been rightly titled as "Karnan Purappadu" as though how a grand celebration and decoration is made to bring in the entrance of a deity or this instance its is probably creating the environment for Karnan to depart on his journey on the horse. The Ramanathapuram Marungan Melam Team has had a field day here and it is certainly going to set Dhanush fans into a mode of frenzy and you can feel a mix of rage and passion as the synth played by Santhosh Narayanan follows in the background. 

Karnan Kodai (Instrumental)

This too is another instrumental piece played by Ramanathapuram Marungan Melam Team and this  is  a shorter instrumental bit with the focus again being the Nadaswaram and aptly supported by the synth in the background. 

Karnan Theme

The theme music also was mildly showcased in the teaser 8 months back, but hear this whole piece and be blown away (literally) as Santhosh brings his A game to the forefront. The orchestral arrangement on this one is epic and world class and the use of wind instruments has always been a favourite for Santhosh for a lot of his OSTs and this one combines the power of that with a strings section. Wait for the moment when he brings in the Nadaswaram as well, and it seamlessly blends with the other sections. The strong beats of the percussion sets the tempo and you can visualise "Karnan" getting ready for battle!

Verdict: Music that's rich and generous in quality to match the generosity of the epic character Karnan himself!


3 ( 3.0 / 5.0 )



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Karnan (aka) Kharnan

Karnan (aka) Kharnan is a Tamil movie with production by V Creations, direction by Mari Selvaraj. The cast of Karnan (aka) Kharnan includes Dhanush, Rajisha Vijayan.